“Fire and Fury” author writes new Donald Trump book “Landslide”


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NEW YORK >> The author of Fire and Fury, the 2018 million seller that helped start the wave of Trump White House insider accounts, is due to release one final take next month.

Michael Wolff’s “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency” is scheduled for July 27, editor Henry Holt told the Associated Press today. Trump, who condemned “Fire and Fury” and tried to stop its publication, was one of those who spoke to Wolff about his new book, according to Holt.

“In ‘Landslide’ Wolff closes the story of Trump’s four-year tenure and his tumultuous final months at the helm,” announced the editor, “based on Wolff’s exceptional approach to the White House advisors and the former President himself. This delivers a wealth of new information and insight into what really happened in the highest office in the country and the world. “

Wolff’s first book on Trump, published in January 2018, was an instant sensation and sold more than 2 million copies. Critics have questioned details of Wolff’s coverage, but his underlying narrative of a chaotic White House and a volatile, easily distractable CEO has endured numerous bestsellers that followed, from Bob Woodward’s “Fear” to John Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened ”.

Trump would deny Wolff’s claims that he had given him access to the White House and tweeted in 2018 that “Fire and Fury” was “full of lies, misrepresentations and nonexistent sources.” A Trump attorney sent the publisher a cease and desist statement and threatened defamation lawsuits, a response that helped fuel interest in Fire and Fury. (Wolff had a lot less sales and less access with the 2019 book Siege: Trump Under Fire).

More books on the final days of the Trump administration are in the works, including one by Woodward and Washington Post colleague Robert Costa. Politico and Vanity Fair were among those who reported that Trump agreed to meet with Wolff and others who write about him, including Maggie Haberman of The New York Times and Jon Karl of ABC News.

One of Trump’s memoirs remains uncertain. He issued a statement last week saying he was writing “like crazy” and claiming too much skepticism among publishers that he had turned down two offers.

Publishing directors had already voiced their concerns about Trump before the siege of the US Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6 and became even more cautious afterwards. Simon & Schuster CEO Jonathan Karp told employees at a company town hall last month that he was not interested in a Trump book because he doubted the former president, who continued to falsely claim to have won , would provide an honest account.

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