Christian crowd attacks Mike Pence and calls him a traitor for not overturning the election



Mike Pence thought he was building a hype for his 2024 presidential campaign and the Faith and Freedom Coalition summit, instead the crowd called him a traitor.


Mike Pence, labeled a traitor at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Summit for not overturning Trump’s election, sums up the state of the Republican Party perfectly.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 18, 2021

Pence said he tried to sell himself as a Christian before becoming a Republican and the crowd responded to his testimony by yelling at him as a traitor.

Right-wing Conservatives should be the backbone of every pence run in 2024. Pence’s relationship with social conservatives, why Trump put him on the map put him on the map, but Pence is now a heretic for refusing to overturn the election, which he had no power to do anyway but in Trump’s Republican Party there is no place for facts and laws.

If Mike Pence can’t get a standing ovation from a crowd of far-right Christians, he’s out of a political career. Pence never becomes president. As a Republican, he is not allowed to win another election at any level.

Mike Pence did the right thing for his country, and members of his own party have responded by calling him a traitor to Trump.

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