Wildermyth Review – Paper Cut Out Characters That You Will Strangely Attach To


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Wildermyth is out of Early Access and is getting the finishing touches. The game crosses genres and blends Xcom-like tactical gameplay with Dungeon and Dragons character building and decision making.

Everything is a cutout of paper. Like two children telling a story with pieces of colored paper. Wildermyth manages to capture that quirky imagination and then balance it out with a really complex mix of skills, items, and top-down tactical gameplay.

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Wildermyth has released 1.0 which is available on Steam. Collect a 20% DISCOUNT by June 22nd!

In addition, you can get an insight into the development on our Discord: https://t.co/lpjga2WEvthttps://t.co/FqUP3WquqP

– Wildermyth (@wildermyth) June 15, 2021

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The game is not easy. Let’s just get that out of the way. There are many overlapping systems to get used to, such as using your mythical characters to infuse parts of the environment with magic, devising strategies for your hunter that they won’t get in one shot from an enraged enemy, and confronting Make sure your warrior’s head doesn’t buckle every time they fight.

And when your character dies, it can be pretty annoying. The procedurally generated story creates a serious connection between the player and the characters and between the characters themselves. Death is not the end for your characters, but more than once and they are gone forever.

Because of the progression and each campaign progressing into the next, once you lose one of your best characters, every battle can feel like a tedious battle through angry pigs and large tentacle monsters.

You might be tempted to restart once you’ve lost your starting figures and I’ll be honest, I did once, but the next time I lost someone important I just thought I’d go ahead and see what happens . The game gives you chances to get back into the game even if you lose your level 6 warrior, but it’s not easy.

However, it is Wildermyth’s challenge that makes it compelling. Although the story is procedurally generated with dozens of different unique events, at some point you will experience the same broad outline of the story, even if the actual writing, set-up, and character relationships are different.

However, the game still feels very fresh with its unique character creation

You can have a character with you for two hours of play, fall in love twice, let his lovers die, have children, let their children die, be sucked into a storm that covers their bodies with lightning bolts that fill their abilities with electricity, before her head is finally turned into a werewolf …

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Wildermyth feels very repeatable with a variety of unique mechanics that make every run very enjoyable. It’s worth picking up if you enjoy it Dungeons and dragons, Xcom, or something in between.

Oh, and there is co-op multiplayer, although this review was written from a solo player’s perspective. Just as much fun!

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