ULTI and TCR ranked high. What about DANCERS? – Market packaging


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ULTI and TCR rated high. What about DANCERS? – Market packaging

The DeFi room is growing every day. Different teams and doers offer interesting and exciting products. Tecra is one of them. The fact that his token has been in the spotlight for some time clearly shows that this platform has something valuable to offer.

When it first appeared in DeFi, Tecra presented a new product – Tecra Space. It is an online funding platform that focuses on future high-tech projects. The aim of the platform is to connect creators with investors and thereby symbolize intellectual property. The company invites visionary people on board to jointly tackle the current problems in the field.

Tecra orients itself towards the different groups with different interests, but strives to deliver satisfactory results for all parties. Its solution has a significant impact on the ecosystem. It focuses on projects that are environmentally friendly or revolve around sustainable development. So far, the company has supported inventions based on graphene and thus reduced harmful lighting effects for people and electric bicycles.

Tecra has introduced its native token TCR as a key for its blockchain ecosystem: TecraCoin, NFT, TecraCoin Smart Deposit, Tecra Space Tokenization Platform (crowdfunding) with space tokens and future Tecra DEX.

The TCR token holder are eligible for various advantages

TCR enables the Tecra community to support the makers in a secure manner through the possibility of verification and transparency. Every transaction carried out on the platform has a timestamp simultaneity control.

Thanks to the use of its own cryptocurrency, the platform can give each user a detailed overview of how the invested money is being spent. Its numerous advantages include the speed of the transaction and the relatively low transaction costs compared to other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

Customers can also use the crypto to exchange the project’s tokens on the platform. TCR token creates value for previous and new investors and offers more and more opportunities to use digital coins as providers of investment opportunities in high-tech or other lucrative investments.

The popularity of ULTI tokens is also growing rapidly

The ULTI Token ICO has received a lot of attention in the market. The company launched its native token on June 12, 2021 and sales will end on September 12, 2021. However, right now, ULTI is one of the hottest tokens out there. A total of 59,370,000,000 ULTIs will be available during the initial token offering. The price varies between $ 0.0001 and $ 0.0006 depending on the stage.

Ulti Arena is an NFT and community marketplace. The founders created it for gaming artists, freelancers and developers. The company’s aim is to empower artists and create opportunities for success. Artists, developers and fans can connect with friends and showcase their work. You can also plan future projects and share ideas. In addition, game enthusiasts can enjoy the latest creations from their favorite developers and game makers.

Ulti Arena offers creatives, artists and dreamers an inspiring and educational snapshot of the realm of the gaming industry. Its goal is to create a platform that helps game artists and developers showcase their portfolio of assets, music and user interfaces. help them set up their own website, complete with NFTs, merch, prints and artwork, as well as 2D / 3D assets; Receive recognition from game development companies, forge profitable partnerships or get involved in interesting projects.

In addition, the Ulti Arena platform allows users to sell their products on the NFT marketplace, learn through webinars, certifications and courses, and communicate freely with one another on discussion forums.

The popularity of ULTI tokens is also growing rapidly

What is the alternative way to earn ULTI?

Customers can also earn ULTI tokens through community mining by attending discussion forums and other social events. Another way to earn the tokens is through a proof-of-gaming consensus (the more users play, the more tokens they earn).

The ULTI Metaverse is a blockchain-based game engine. It enables developers to create their own games and enjoy various benefits of sharing with the community of Ulti Arena artists, players and developers.

According to the company, the total supply of ULTI tokens is 250 billion. Advance sales and private sales make up 18% of the total offer. The company will then release the remaining offering as a public sale.

In the meantime, SafeDancer tokens ICO continues

SafeDancer recently launched its native token DANCE, which quickly became popular with DeFi investors. This project aims to help reduce CO2 emissions. The SafeDancer team has an interesting roadmap. The company plans to participate in multiple exchanges before launching its own exchange, DanceSwap. After that, the team will continue to work on the two future NFT projects it is developing. One of these NFT projects is AI-based.

The company programmed SafeDancer to reward owners and build on transparency and trust. It offers low gas charges, which is a major benefit. In addition, SafeDancer already has a dedicated community and a tokenomic system that rewards the owners. This powerful protocol offers transparency, general economy, and usefulness.

Currently, most of the popular altcoins are based on inflationary economics. SafeDancer’s unique tokenomics system, however, is based on a deflationary economy that keeps the value of its token higher than that of its competitors.

The company started the ICO sale on June 10, 2021. DANCE is a BEP20 token. The price during the initial coin offering is $ 0.01 per DANCE. The platform accepts ETH, USDT and BNB (BEP-20) in exchange for their native token.

The company plans to distribute tokens in the following order: 50% going to ICO sales, 20% going to PancakeSwap’s liquidity pool, 15% going to Airdrop, and 5% to Team and Marketing. The team will burn the remaining 10% for the foundation. The total offer is 1 billion tokens.

How does SafeDancer work?

The protocol is based on Binance Smart Chain and is based on evidence of the stack consensus. The team-based SafeDancer smart contract based on the BEP-20 algorithm. That said, it’s completely decentralized.

The team controls the burn and promotes based on the performance. This helps keep the community rewarded and informed. In addition, users can track the manual coin branding conditions as well as the amounts. SafeDancer plans to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for long-term committed users.

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