Danish soccer player suffered cardiac arrest during the European Championship game


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Danish soccer player suffered cardiac arrest during the European Championship game

June 14, 2021

Danish football player Christian Eriksen’s heart has stopped beating after falling to the ground during a European Championship match against Finland on Saturday, said Danish team doctor Morten Boesen.

“Well, he was gone,” Boesen said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “We did a cardiac resuscitation. And it was a cardiac arrest.”

Erickson, a 29-year-old midfielder, collapsed in the 43rd minute of the game, The Journal told. Erickson was rapidly losing signs of life and a defibrillator was used to reanimate him in front of the crowd and international television audiences.

“How close were we (to losing him)? I don’t know,” said Boesen. “We got it back after a defib, so it’s pretty quick.”

Boesen said he did not know what caused Erickson’s cardiac arrest. He said Erickson may have survived because updated medical equipment was available.

“That was very important, I think,” said Bösen. “The key factor is the time it takes to get help, and that time was short. That was crucial. “

Erickson is now in stable condition in a Copenhagen hospital and has been video messaging his teammates, ESPN reported.

“We are in contact with him. We were in contact with him yesterday and today. [His] The condition is the same as yesterday, stable, good, “said Jakob Hoeyer, communications director of the Danish Football Association, according to ESPN on Monday.

The game resumed after a 90-minute postponement. Finland won 1-0. Denmark will play against Belgium on Thursday.

A soccer player who collapsed in 2012 and was technically dead for 78 minutes said Ericksen would face a mental challenge as he recovered.

Fabrice Muamba, a former Bolton Wanderers player, wrote in a column for The Times of London that it took him more than a year to come to terms with what had happened, ESPN said. At 24 he retired.

“It’s too early to know about his physical health, but I can share something about the mental battle which in many ways is the toughest part of the journey ahead,” said Muamba.

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