A third of US workers have no digital skills


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TRUMBULL, connection – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The global workforce is on the verge of a digital skills crisis. More jobs than ever require an understanding of new technologies, but a third of American workers lack digital skills.1Questionmark, the online assessment company, is urging employers to ensure that employees in different teams and roles have the necessary digital skills .

John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, said, “Digital and technological skills are required by all employees. It is time to break the silo of technical skills and the cultural assumption that only technicians need to understand workplace technology.

“Employee skills assessment gives employers a good idea of ​​the extent of the digital skills gap in their own organizations. Where there is a clear gap, they can introduce training and support. ”

Workplace technology is no longer just for technologists. According to a study by the European Commission, 98% of jobs in the European Union (EU) now require all managers to have at least basic digital skills.2 In the United States, 82% of jobs are medium-skilled Usually requiring less than a bachelor’s degree and at the same time paying a living wage – are referred to as digitally intensive

However, according to the National Skills Coalition4, nearly a third of US workers lack digital skills. According to Lloyds Bank’s Consumer Digital Index, less than 20% of executives believe they will develop their digital skills in the workplace

Measuring workers’ skills with online reviews gives employers real information about strengths and weaknesses across the company. The results of the assessment can help employers identify training needs. By testing candidates’ skills before hiring them, leaders can ensure that employees with the right skills are included in their teams.



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