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[See Westminster dog show photos from Saturday’s action.]

This year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is taking place in a quiet (barked or barked) setting: on the grounds of the Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY, 30 miles north of the show’s normal home, Madison Square Garden. Lyndhurst once belonged to the robber baron Jay Gould.

Sunday is the last day of the show, which takes place much later in the year than usual. Pandemic concerns led organizers to hold the show outdoors, making June a tastier month than February.

You cannot be there live this year: spectators who are not directly involved with a competing dog are prohibited.

But this weekend there are dogs, dogs, dogs on TV. The reporting on Saturday included the preliminary round, the agility event and the first four group finals. On Sunday there will be further preliminary rounds (1.30 p.m. Eastern, FS1) and three more group finals and Best in Show (7.30 p.m., Fox).

There will also be dog streaming on the Fox app and on And the New York Times will have live commentary from our, uh, experts starting Sunday night at 7:30 a.m.

Thousands of dogs compete against others of their breed: Collie against Collie, Saluki against Saluki. The approximately 200 breed winners compete against similar breeds in the group finals. The seven group winners then compete for the grand prize: Best in Show, this year will be judged by Patricia Craige Trotter from Carmel, California. The decision is up to her alone.

Four new breeds are joining the party this year: the barbet, a curly-haired dog; the Belgian Laekenois, a shaggy shepherd; the Biewer Terrier, a long-haired, three-colored toy terrier; and the Dogo Argentino, a white, muscular, smooth-coated dog.

Four group winners were chosen:

Bourbon the Whippet won the canine group.

The Pekingese Wasabi won the toy group.

Mathew the French Bulldog won the non-athletic group.

Connor, the old English Shepherd, won the herd group.

Obstructing a dog show is a little more difficult than determining the winner of the fourth race at Belmont. It is commonly said that terriers are your best bet and the Wire Fox Terrier has the most wins out of 15. But terriers have only won two of the last 10 Westminsters so predicting is difficult. The final three winners were a standard poodle, a wire fox terrier, and a bichon frize.

Unfortunately the event is only for purebreds. So your Max, Jake or Buster cannot win even though he is the best dog in the world.

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