Gunes: “Italy dominates, they were better than us”


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– What do you think of the game?

– Italy are a great team, we expected a different result, but they dominated us. We lost possession too many times and when we went 1-0 we lost control of the game. Technically, I have to admit that Italy was better.

– What does your performance leave behind?

– I am not satisfied with the result, but the Eurocup continues. Now we are going to try to react, react to what happened today and think about the next two quotes. You have to forget quickly.

– What was your biggest mistake?

– We didn’t take our chances and the first goal changed everything, Italy took advantage of the game. I hope that this gig doesn’t repeat itself, we still have two dates ahead of us. Analyzing everything is difficult at the moment.

– Do you still have options?

– To have won one or three points today would of course have helped us a lot, because it would have been points against a very good team, it would have made us strong. It didn’t happen and we’re sorry, but we can still win two games. Football changes a lot from game to game …

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