Death’s Door is a creepy version of The Legend of Zelda out next month



The life of a reaper may seem exciting, but it’s a bit of a boring affair in Death’s Door. You find yourself in a world where no one dies naturally, hired by the murder of lazy office worker crows charged with maintaining a sense of order. Every now and then, however, it comes alive when someone caresses a soul and takes them to a realm untouched by death, where they can outgrow their expiration date and overflow with greed and power.

It’s a top-down, spooky version of The Legend of Zelda that tosses you like a crow stuck in the monotonous grind of the souls of the dead, only offering something more exciting when a thief dares to perform one of your assigned roles take care of. It was revealed by Devolver in March but performed solidly at this year’s E3 with a developer comment at the Day of the Devs and a release date during the Devolver showcase.

When it comes to combat, you have many tools to use to master your trade. You can use melee weapons, arrows, and magic to slay a range of beasts and demigods, but only when they don’t have the opportunity to punish you for your mistakes. You can also customize your character stats to hone the new skills and upgrades you’ll stumble upon.

Producer David Fenn went a little deeper into the game during the Day of Devs stream, explaining that while the narrative structure is unusual, the structure and scope of the gameplay are more familiar and come very close to one of the developer’s “oldest inspirations” The Legend of Zelda.

“Our background is in the tight 2D pixel art action, and we made sure to maintain that responsiveness,” says Fenn. “The world is fully explorable and entirely handcrafted. All of the characters and enemies you encounter also have memorable, twisted designs. Death’s Door offers tons of high-octane action, but it’s also about discovering the secrets of its unique setting and unraveling this mysterious story. “

Death Door is coming to Steam on July 20, 2021 if you feel like giving it a try. Do you want to know what’s going on this week? Check out our E3 schedule for the times for the upcoming shows.

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