Integral starts ICO today. What about his goals?


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Integral starts ICO today. What about his goals?

Integral is launching its native token today. ITGR is an ERC20 ICO token. During the initial coin offering, 300,000,000 tokens will be offered for sale, which is 25% of the total offering. The price is $ 0.981295 per ITGR. The company aims to raise $ 4,500,000 during the sale.

Integral is an AMM-based DEX. It mirrors the liquidity on other top exchanges and aims to provide the cheapest liquidity among all decentralized and centralized exchanges.

The company launched a number of stablecoin pools including USDC-USDT, DAI-USDT, and DAI-USDC. These pools are already open to LPs dealers and investors. In addition, the company increased the Liquidity Farming reward and increased the LP reward rates to 1.406% of the token cap.

Integral also decided to split the Gov token by 1: 10000. With this split, the company aimed to increase the token offering from 30,000 to 300,000,000. However, it was announced that the value of their entire $ ITGR position would be unchanged if users previously purchased $ ITGR.

Users can trade all pairs on the Integral platform including the one-way deposit $ ETH, $ USDT, $ wBTC, $ DAI, $ USDC, and $ LINK. The platform claims to have the best execution cost in DeFi space per dollar of TVL.

Integral’s TVL is more than $ 260 million. However, the company offers an equivalent level of liquidity, along with a slippage that offers a CFAMM pool of $ 13 billion, so its implied liquidity is $ 13 billion.

What is Integral’s mission?

The integral team aims to develop products that rival those of centralized exchanges. However, they do this in the service of their self-custody decentralized home country as well as their users.

Most importantly, the team wants to address economic injustices by sharing the benefits of network effects among their customer community so that using the product means owning the product. According to Integral, every new product they build creates a stickiness in the chain that further counteracts the centralized exchange product lines. The company claims that the key to breaking through established network effects lies in mass organization. Hence, they need to get the majority of users to act energetically and quickly and achieve their goal.

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