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Finnish tech company QuietOn announced the launch of a new pair of active noise-canceling earbuds designed to reduce low-frequency noise while you sleep.

The QuietOn 3 earbuds are small enough to fit completely in most people’s ears, so they won’t stick out and cause discomfort to side sleepers. The small size is made possible by the elimination of transmitters, receivers and other components that are typically found in music earphones. The lack of these audio-specific components also enables operation without electromagnetic fields (EMF), according to a press release by the company.

Photo contributed by QuietOn.

“QuietOn 3 takes advantage of the breakthrough [noise canceling] Technology to create a better sleeping environment and effectively eliminate the low frequency noise that so often disturbs our sleep, ”said Jussi Lemiläinen, CEO of QuietOn, in a statement. “Everything we want in life – professional success, personal well-being, physiological health – starts with a good night’s sleep. And a good sleep starts with rest. “

Some of the most common noises that interrupt sleep are low-frequency sounds from heating systems, appliances, traffic, planes, snoring, and noisy neighbors. QuietOn 3’s Noice Canceling technology eliminates ambient noise by automatically generating opposing waveforms to neutralize the low frequencies, resulting in a much quieter and more peaceful environment for sleep.

“While white noise devices and other noise masking devices help lull you to sleep, adding a new sound to drown out background noise can actually prevent or disrupt deep sleep,” said Lemiläinen. “QuietOn 3 and its breakthrough [noise canceling] The technology works to eliminate noise to create a sense of calm and stillness that increases both the quantity and quality of sleep. “

To suit all ear sizes, each pair of QuietOn 3 comes with four sizes of earbuds. No wireless setup or connectivity is required, and the earbuds come with an auto-charging case.

A single charge allows 28 hours of use, allowing the earbuds to last all day or nights. “The advent of new technologies such as circadian-based lighting and sleep trackers underscore that quality sleep is now at the heart of people’s efforts to improve their overall health and improve their general wellbeing, ”added Lemiläinen. “We are excited to join this movement with QuietOn 3 by demonstrating the critical importance of rest for sleep performance and ultimately overall well-being and human performance.”

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