Former FBI agent Figliuzzi says Trump is now essentially working for China and Russia



Donald Trump took the stage again this weekend speaking at a GOP event in North Carolina. The speech contained a litany of lies, including Trump’s persistent claims about 2020 election fraud.

In 2016, Russia helped Trump get elected in hopes of a compliant world leader who would turn a blind eye to their abuses. According to Frank Figliuzzi, they have that and more.

Former FBI agent Nicolle Wallace said Trump is currently mainly working for Moscow and Beijing. He said to the host:

“We are watching a slow-moving train accident and it has to be derailed quickly, otherwise it will crash. And the crashing train is basically our form of democracy. The uprising is not over in the truest sense of the word. We have a former president, a significant percentage of at least one party believes he is still president. It’s undermining democracy, our system, and from my national security perspective, I can’t help but think that in bureaucratic offices across Moscow and Beijing they sit back and smile at a former US president who does their job for them. It has never been so easy for an adversary to actually negatively influence the United States and our democracy because they have the ultimate insider, now outsider, in the form of Donald Trump. “

Frank Figliuzzi says Donald Trump is basically working for China and Russia with his persistent election lies.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 8, 2021

At this point, Trump is not interested in helping Republicans or Democrats or anyone other than himself. And he cares little whether his actions benefit US hostile countries.

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