EtherLite token has a high ranking. How does it work?


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EtherLite token has a high ranking. How does it work?

EtherLite ICO recently ranked high on several listing platforms. EtherLite is a special blockchain. Its architecture leverages EVM compatibility and proof-of-stake functionality. This platform is fully compatible with Ethereum. This means that all DAO, smart contract and decentralized applications work on EtherLite.

In addition, EtherLite is faster, more adaptable, and cheaper. It offers instant finality to its customers, thus opening up new possibilities for developers. EtherLite features include Web3 compatibility, fast transaction finalization using a PoS consensus engine, high throughput, and the ability to use existing smart contracts and tools. It is also compatible with existing tools used on the Ethereum blockchain including Metamask, Clients, Remix, Truffle, etc.

Cryptocurrencies have seen several soft and hard forks over the years. Some forks really changed the dynamics of the original chain and made a name for themselves in the process. EtherLite wants to be one of them.

The token’s ICO will last until June 30, 2021. ETL is an ERC-20 token. The total supply is 21,000,000,000 ETL. However, only 5,250,000,000 ETL (25%) are for sale. The price is $ 0.03 per token during the pre-sale and ICO.

Why did EtherLite become so successful?

In the case of Ethereum, a hard fork that offers a solution to the current problems has become crucial. dApp makers are struggling with extremely high network charges and slow transactions, along with network congestion.

EtherLite aims to provide solutions to the above problems with its upcoming hard fork and to provide a stable and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. EtherLite is a pure proof-of-stake version. Ethereum has been working on this for a number of years, and it may be a few more years before it sees the light of day.

The company also offers Ethereum holders the option to claim free ETL coins by simply keeping their Ethereum in their personal wallet. Users also get the same amount of ETL as ETH that they have in their wallets.

For customers who save their ETH on the exchange, however, it may be up to the respective exchange whether it supports the fork or not.

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