Commercial gambling in the United States posted the second highest gaming revenue of all time in April


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Eight out of 25 traditional casino states allow real estate to be operated without any business restrictions


.S. Commercial gaming revenue rose more than 25% in April versus April 2019, driven by rising vaccination rates, an overall positive trend in consumer spending, and continued momentum in the sports betting and iGaming industries, according to the previous month the American Gaming Association (AGA) Income tracker for commercial games. In addition, the Commerce Authority released an updated map of government-mandated operating restrictions on commercial casino real estate on Monday Eight out of 25 traditional casino states allow venues to operate without business restrictions.

April 2021 was the second highest gaming month ever, with combined casino revenues from traditional casino games, sports betting and iGaming reaching $ 4.39 billion. This is 2% less than March’s record $ 4.80 billion, This is mainly due to a 31.7% decrease in sports betting revenue compared to the previous month.

Fewer operating restrictions helped support growth in April 8 out of 25 traditional casino states allow the properties to operate at full capacity. Out of America’s 463 commercial casino properties, roughly 80% was limited to 25% (New York) and 75% of full occupancy, and with persistent limitations on gaming capacity and other amenities.

Traditional gaming sales (slot and table games) totaled $ 3.79 billion in April, outperforming the previous month (+ 0.9%) and just 1.7% below the record level. Monthly casino slot machine revenues hit an all-time high in April, while table game revenues are now almost back to pre-pandemic levels.

Of the 25 commercial gambling states that operated two years ago, only four – Maine, Illinois, Rhode Island, and West Virginia – saw an overall decline in gaming revenue in April compared to 2019. However, Illinois is expected to see positive growth once sports betting data is released later this month.

Sports betting and iGaming boosted the numbers in April, helping to grow total gaming revenue above pre-pandemic levels. IGaming’s nationwide revenue reached $ 299.9 million in April, the first month-on-month decline (-3.6%) since last November. Combined sports betting and iGaming revenues represented more than 12.5% ​​of all US commercial gambling revenues in April, down slightly from 14.8 percent in March, but well above pre-pandemic levels.

With the Madness in early April and late March – traditionally the most wagered event on the US sports betting calendar – revenue from commercial sports betting fell by 31.7 percent compared to March and generated $ 240.3 million. Still it is almost four times (+ 358.7%) the national hold in April 2019, Since then, the number of active commercial sports betting jurisdictions has more than doubled (from seven to 19).

AGA’s COVID-19 casino tracker

AGA has also released an updated map tracking state-mandated operating restrictions on commercial casino properties. The Commerce Bureau said local governments are imposing additional restrictions in some areas and may set even stricter guidelines for individual properties.

  • Arkansas: No occupancy limit, but casino capacity should not exceed the ability of participants to maintain a physical separation of two meters between individuals or household groups.
  • Colorado: Black Hawk and Central City casinos can operate at 50% capacity with no additional person cap or restriction. Cripple Creek casinos operate at full capacity.
  • Delaware: Casinos are capped at 50% capacity and health measures have been taken.
  • Florida: Commercial casinos can operate at full capacity with limited social distancing protocols.
  • Illinois: Casinos may operate during normal business hours under the property’s approved Pandemic Recovery Plan, limited to 50% of Fire Police capacity. Existing protocols and measures for social distancing, disinfection and other mitigation measures will remain in effect.
  • Indiana: Casinos in the Blue County zones are said to limit occupancy to 75%. That number drops to 50% for casinos in yellow and orange circles.
  • Iowa: Casinos are not required to use social distancing measures, but they are strongly encouraged to use such reasonable measures.
  • Kansas: Casinos are subject to local restrictions. Slot machines are currently occupied at around 80% and table games at 75%.
  • Louisiana: Casinos can operate without capacity limits, although the social distancing and mask mandate, as well as any other additional measures the State Fire Marshal may require, remain in place.
  • Maine: Casinos are limited to 75% of capacity.
  • Maryland: Casino capacity restrictions have been lifted from all six casinos, but some slot machine and table game spaces cannot be occupied as the casinos continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Massachusetts: Casinos can operate at full capacity.
  • Michigan: Casinos are capped at 30% occupancy.
  • Mississippi: Casinos can operate at full capacity with no government-imposed restrictions, but can set their own COVID-19 security guidelines. All casinos must continue to follow other state and local rules aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Missouri: Casinos may operate without occupancy restrictions as long as physical distancing practices are followed. Some counties and cities have such capacity restrictions.
  • Nevada: Casinos can operate without social distancing and occupancy restrictions.
  • New Jersey: Casinos can operate without capacity restrictions, but must ensure that all individuals or groups of people are within six feet of each other.
  • New Mexico: Casinos in counties on the turquoise level can operate at 33% of the maximum occupancy, while casinos in counties on the green level are capped at 25%.
  • New York: Casinos can be operated with an occupancy limit of 50%.
  • Ohio: Casinos are limited to a maximum occupancy of no more than 50% of the fire code.
  • Oklahoma: There are no governmental restrictions on casino operations.
  • Pennsylvania: Casinos can operate at full capacity while the wearing of masks is still mandatory for those who have not been vaccinated.
  • Rhode Island: Casinos can operate at full capacity.
  • South Dakota: There are no mandatory restrictions on casino operations in Deadwood.
  • West Virginia: Casinos are allowed to operate at 100% capacity as long as adequate social distancing is in place.

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