OtherLevels: Providing suitable marketing proposals for US sports betting fans


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Jenny Lou, General Manager of Americas, Marketing Solutions Company Other levelsThis week, SBC Americas spoke about its US operations and how the success of its platform in the UK and Australia will be reflected in the US sports betting sector.

Can you explain the company and its key offerings for readers new to the OtherLevels brand?

OtherLevels offers digital marketing solutions for the sports, sports betting, gaming and lottery industries. The two core services are:

  • Sports Engagement Platform is a customer engagement platform that leverages real-time sports by leveraging game status, live odds and player behavior to create sophisticated outbound messages autonomously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ..
  • Intelligent Messaging is a complete, real-time, multi-channel messaging platform built on a 360-degree data layer and a live event mapping foundation.

Your sports engagement platform is already established in the UK and Australia, but how do you think it will work in the US market? Are there any platform elements that need to be tailored specifically to US sports fans?

Over the past two years we have developed a platform to support American sport for the American audience, with a special focus on fan involvement. Our platform supports all American sports and American odds.

The United States doesn’t have a popular sport or two, but in general, American sports fans have many sports (NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, NHL, MLB, tennis, boxing, NASCAR, F1). I’m watching. , UFC, golf, etc.).

In addition, you can play several popular sports games at the same time. Understanding the behavior of fans and their interests can help operators become more relevant to these players. American popular sports capture more “moments” and transform them into sport-based engagement opportunities compared to European sports.

Combine real-time sports stats, player betting history, current odds, game status insights and the best props to bring the right suggestions to the right players at the right time and encourage fans to reconnect. can do. In-app and on-site for sports betting.

You mention the gameplay window monetization before, during, and after the game, but how does it really work?

Our sports engagement platform allows you to send messages to players before, during and after the game stats and odds, the most exciting moments and odds changes during the game, and important post-game results (continuous recording). , Amazing results that continue to fascinate players).

Use cases are numerous – players returning to the session outside of the session, encouraging players to bet on their favorite teams, reminding them when they forget to bet, betting on types of games or bets they have not yet played. I tried before the recommendation (recommendations), notify me when there is a chance of a winning streak, and cross-sell to another sport or game (sport to casino). All of these messages are not only compelling but also create opportunities for monetization.

Learn about the platform’s intelligent messaging capabilities and how they are used to attract gamers on a more personal level.

Intelligent Messaging is a real-time, multi-channel messaging platform designed to maximize reach and engagement. In this way, you can capture real-time events and data (both on site, in the app or via third-party providers) in order to dynamically align and optimize your campaigns.

Large scale proprietary media for known and anonymous customers using a combination of opt-in and non-opt-in messaging types to create a personalized, real-time customer journey that integrates with the live experience. It can be delivered.

Our messaging types include opt-in messaging types (email, SMS, apps, web push) and opt-in messaging types that reach 100% of users (interstitial, inbox / message center). Other features include location messaging (addressing users in specific locations, e.g. targeting players in football stadiums and specific bars / restaurants) and event messaging (for external sources e.g. ticketing). Abandoned shopping carts, take-offs, flight delays or user / operator-specific (e.g. odds changes, registration errors, bets on certain games).

The Intelligent Messaging Platform can also automatically predict the best delivery options and the most effective strategy for individual customers based on viewer behavior.

Some players use App Push and SMS most effectively. Some people like push and email, while others make more use of their inbox and interstitials. Smart messaging reduces complexity and maximizes engagement by automating channel selection and delivery.

They currently work with Genius Sports, SG Digital, and others. Can you explain their relationships and what they bring to market?

Both are leaders in their respective fields. Partnership with Great sport It’s strategic as it has 150+ clients in the sports betting and igming sectors. US sports require 360-degree fan engagement across multiple media formats and the sophistication US fans expect, creating great opportunities for smart messaging and sports engagement. Genius is redefining fan engagement and is delighted to be able to participate in solutions for operators, sports leagues, team owners and sports publishers.

SG digital There is no doubt that OpenBet has the most advanced sports betting in the world. OtherLevels Sports Engagement brings a similar level of athletic sophistication to operators’ outbound media channels, an area where they have typically had to rely on common CRM solutions. You can work with SG to leverage the wealth and capabilities of OpenBet to deliver these suggestions to out-of-session fans around the world and bring them back to your session 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

OtherLevels: Providing suitable marketing proposals for US sports betting fans

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