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James Blunt is happy the pandemic helped him spend time with family (Image credit: Instagram / jamesblunt)

Singer James Blunt said the Covid-19 pandemic was actually a blessing for him as it gave him time to take a break.

According to contactmusic.com, the singer was supposed to go on tour, but couldn’t because of the pandemic.

He said, “I was supposed to be on tour for a year and was sent home. And for me it was probably a very good thing because I’ve never spent time with my family at home. “

Blunt has two sons with his wife Sofia Wellesley.

He added, “I promised I would take a year off from music at some point, but I probably lied. And that’s very good – spending time at home doing things that adults and family members do. And so it was maybe a hidden blessing for me. “

He had now opened a pub in London just before the pandemic and thought it was a wrong decision.

“Well, I mean, I’m definitely in the wrong business. With the pandemic, the music business was completely closed and all tours were suspended. We had just been on a world tour for a month and were sent home which was obviously devastating. I’m in the bar business too, I bought a bar and it obviously closed, so I really picked the wrong stores. “

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