“I think the choreography for ON was the toughest”


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K-pop band BTS chooses their toughest song (Photo: YouTube)

How does a band that has too many monstrous hits choose a song that they could describe as absolutely special? The world’s largest boy band, BTS, today talks about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into their creations as they ponder an answer.

The all-boy group from South Korea, known for blasting universal dance hits with impressive synchronization in their moves on MVs like Fire, Not Today, Dope, Mic Drop, says it would be a toss between their 2018 song “Idol” and last year’s “ON” when it comes to choosing their toughest number.

For the seven-piece band BTS it seems like a big task to even limit the number to two, as they have so far hardly produced anything that does not fascinate their ever-growing fan base.

But then RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook say to IANS “the harder the job, the greater the satisfaction”.

“I think the choreography for ON was the most difficult. There were a lot of things to look out for, including the technical aspects of the choreography and the overall mood of the dance, ”says J-Hope. Other BTS members SUGA and V agree that “ON” is “the hardest”.

BTS member Jimin, the lead singer and leader of the dance line, says, “When it comes to the difficulty level, it’s definitely ON. We didn’t play the song in person in front of our fans, so I really want to show them. “

“ON was a song with difficult moves and took a lot of stamina,” BTS member Jung Kook explains why it is her hardest.

However, RM is undecided between the two – the choice for him could be either “Idol” or “ON”. Jin is sure of his answer, although he seems to think differently from his bandmates.

“IDOL was the most difficult for us because it is a song that requires constant movement without interruptions,” explains the BTS member.

Right now, as their new single “Butter” continues to break records, BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan are touching the sky of huge success like no other group anywhere in the world recently, and riding a wave that few musicians have have reached the history of popular music.

In the era of inclusivity where the world is constantly looking for new twists and turns in entertainment, the band, with their difficult but perfectly synchronized, visually appealing dance skills and of course their music they compose, has.

What does the band pay attention to when composing music?

BTS member Suga, who is the main author and producer alongside RM, replies: “Every aspect is important – trends, sounds and texts. It seems that a satisfactory song can only come out when all the elements fit together. “

It has been created for her every time since 2013 through phenomenal chartbusters such as “Just One Day”, “Run”, “Fake Love”, “Boy with luv”, “Microcosmos” and “Spring Day”, which were always carried a message for the fans of “Self Love” to this voice that never forgets the pain of loss, and then their latest release “Butter”, which melted seamlessly into every heart and broke its own record, garnering 10 million views on YouTube in 13 minutes Release.

For BTS, it’s really “just go for it” every time, for the Bangtan Boys, you never stop surprising yourself and your ARMY fans.

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