Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump have a new deal with America to sell you


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Second, consider the lack of actual ideas here compared to its predecessor. When the Republicans unveiled the treaty with America, they contained real social and economic ideas. The treaty included changes to tax law, cuts in welfare programs and job requirements for those affected, more funding for prisons and stricter sentencing requirements, a tax cut on capital gains and product liability limits, changes to social security, and much more. Much of it is anathema to progressives. But say what you want to say about the principles of the treaty with America, at least it is a ruling ethos.

“If the American people accept this treaty, we will begin the journey to renew American civilization,” Newt Gingrich said at a 1994 event where the treaty was unveiled. “Together we can renew America. Together we can help every American to fulfill his inalienable right to pursue happiness and seek the American dream. Together we can help everyone around the world seek freedom, prosperity, security and the rule of law. It’s all about this. “

Compare these high ambitions and substantive proposals with what Gingrich outlined for Politico this week. “School choice” is hardly a new type of GOP platform plank. Critical Race Theory and Teaching American History for Real are obvious references to the Conservatives’ culture war against less rosy accounts of American history, especially when it comes to the treatment of blacks and Native Americans. “Abolish” Project 1619, a controversial New York Times endeavor aimed at aligning America’s origins with the history of American slavery, Congress or the White House really cannot.

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