Temachains Token TEMA is one of the Hot ICOs. Why is this?


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Temachains Token TEMA is one of the Hot ICOs. Why is this?

Temachain is one of the first blockchain expansion networks. It creates a growing protocol ecosystem that provides data exchange and application migration, as well as protocol exchange services for all public chains. TEMA brings in the concept of DAO. Recursive zk-SNARKs and advanced cryptography are also used.

The network aims to decentralize the storage and sharing of data, crossing the flow boundary of a single chain and breaking the boundaries of information exchange between chains.

Temachain launched its native token ICO on May 23, 2021. In the past two days, the token ended up on the hot ICO lists. The sale ends on June 15, 2021. According to analysts, this token has strong potential.

What about Temachain’s functions?

Temachain is developing independently on the basis of Web3.0 at reduced GAS costs. TEMA offers a variety of secure data at high speed in real time with maximum scalability. This perfectly adapts the ecological balance of the entire blockchain.

In addition, the network enables seamless development for all individual and corporate customers. The technical team offers a standardized and compatible API that extends the entire transaction functions of all public chains. This means that the platform can also migrate existing Web 3.0 dApps from one to the other without additional changes.

With Temachain’s decentralized wallet, all public chain contracts can easily transfer financial currencies during an overload below 0 GAS costs. The platform ensures the security and stability as well as the interoperability of the application data. We have succeeded in solving the coexistence and compatibility barriers between the multi-protocols.

The team found that TEMA enables liquidity providers, developers and traders to participate in a market that is open and accessible to all.

The current reliance on big tech in the enterprise data market exposes its users to privacy, security, and compliance risks. The majority of developers and business owners have to pay exorbitant fees and they struggle with the current situation in frustration. However, TEMA endeavors to solve such problems accordingly.

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