Rick Scott continues to ask Donald Trump to stay out of the Senate primary


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US Sen. Rick scott continues to express the hope that the former president Donald Trump will not take action against the incumbents of the Senate in 2022.

Scott made the commentary on Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show” Tuesday.

“What I suggested to him is to let the citizens of that state choose their grand prize winner,” said Scott. “And then you help those who win, whom he believes in.”

“And so, but, you know, he believes in things I believe in,” Scott said, returning to the topics of conversation about a “safe frontier” and so on.

“I think these are the candidates we are going to get and I look forward to seeing him support the candidates he likes,” said Scott.

Trump has moved his political operations from the sultry South Florida to Bedminster, New Jersey, where the former president prefers the summer.

But whether Trump is next door or 1,000 miles away, Scott functions as if the heat is still on, despite the fact that the former president is at odds with many established Senate Lions.

Just last month the senator was in his capacity as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, invented an award for Trump, the NRSC Champion for Freedom Award.

“President Trump is a proven champion for all Americans,” Scott said at the time.

Not quite all Americans, it turned out. One day after receiving the award, Trump called the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a “stupid son of ab ** ch” during a speech.

This left Scott with nothing to do but clean up.

He went on ABC “In this weekAnd Trump defended the award. But there, too, he explained his dilemma of keeping Trump in check.

Scott then also said he advised Trump to stay away from open primaries and not work against incumbents like Sen. John Thune from South Dakota.

“What I asked is that I want him not to be involved in any open primaries,” said Scott, citing his own “very tough 2010 primary” as the reason the Senator “decided to get out of the primaries to keep out “.

“I suggested that he support the incumbents, all incumbents,” Scott said before admitting that this may not have done good.

“When I give advice to someone, I don’t necessarily expect them to take it,” admitted Scott.

Trump is likely to play in Senate races, including in Alaska and South Dakota where reigning Republicans pissed him off.

But in Florida, the former president is on board with a third term for Sen. Marco Rubio, the incumbent on the ballot next year. The confirmation came in April through Trumps Save America PAC, his post-presidency political action committee.

“I am honored to give my full and complete endorsement to US Senator Marco Rubio,” said Trump in a PAC statement.

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