Tokyo Olympics are making full headway as protester disrupts press conference Tokyo 2020 Olympics


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The International Olympic Committee has insisted that it “move forward” to the Tokyo Games despite mounting public unrest in Japan following the expansion of the state of emergency in the country.

However, the IOC’s optimistic comments that followed a board meeting on Wednesday were overshadowed by a protester who crashed its online press conference shouting, “No Olympics anywhere. Fuck the Olympics. We don’t want the Olympics. No Olympics in LA. No Olympic Games in Tokyo. “

The protester who told the IOC that he was working for Yahoo! However, it was later revealed to be part of the NOlympics LA movement, it was quickly closed and a video of the press conference was promptly removed by the IOC.

Here is the video of an anti-Olympic protester, David O’Brien of Yahoo, telling the IOC, “No Olympics anywhere, fuck the Olympics”. It has since been pulled

– Sean Ingle (@seaningle) May 12, 2021

Earlier, an IOC spokesman, Mark Adams, had repeatedly stressed that the Olympic Games, which are slated to begin in 78 days, would take place despite numerous negative headlines lately.

Japan has recorded more than 600,000 coronavirus cases and more than 10,500 deaths – the highest in East Asia. More than 7,000 infections were reported on Saturday – the highest since January.

There are also concerns that only about 2% of the 126 million people in Japan have received at least one dose of vaccine since it launched in mid-February, while hospitals are struggling to secure beds for newly diagnosed people.

Adams said a number of testing events had been held safely in Japan and insisted that the IOC’s game books – which limit athletes, media and support staff during the Olympics – would keep the Olympics safe and secure.

“From today’s perspective, as we speak to our Japanese partners and friends, we are making good progress,” said Adams. “There was a small expansion of the emergency, but we’re still planning full games – and that’s how it has to be, and that’s how it can only be for us. And everything tells us, from the test events to international events, that the games can and will take place.

“We are now in an implementation phase. With 78 days ahead of the games, we’re now fully focused on this final implementation phase to deliver excellent games that will really bring the world together. “

IOC President Thomas Bach was scheduled to attend a torch relay ceremony in Hiroshima on May 17, but it was canceled due to the extension of the state of emergency. An opinion poll this week also found that 59% of the Japanese population were against the games being held.

Adams said he expected a shift in public opinion once the games, due to open on July 23, begin. “We understand people’s caution with regard to Japan and Tokyo and are fully in solidarity with them,” he said.

“We understand these are difficult times. We understand that people are very careful. But the testing events and game books should give the Japanese people confidence that these games can be held in a very safe manner. “

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