The public sale of GasFarm’s high-ranking token is coming soon


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The public sale of GasFarm’s high-ranking token is coming soon

GasFarm recently launched its native token GFT. Private sales are now ongoing, but the company announced that it will begin public sales on May 15, 2021.

GasFarm is a worthwhile platform. It returns a portion of the Ethereum gas fees that were spent on a decentralized exchange and swap. This platform is essentially an Ethereum gas token collector that aims to minimize a large loss of transaction fees. Customers get part of their ETH gas fees back when they use GasFarm. The platform plans to further simplify the process and help users maximize ROI and savings.

GasFarm’s token has reached the highest rank in several ICO listings. The total offer of GFT tokens is 1,000,000,000. Of this amount, 35% goes to Platform Rewards, 30% to public sales, 10% to private sales, 7% to the team, 5% to EcoSystem & Partnership, 5% to Foundation and another 5% for marketing and 3% for liquidity.

During the private sale, the token price is 1 ETH for 52,000 GFT. However, the public selling price is 1 ETH for 26,000 GFT.

What about the functions of GasFarm?

Users can earn ETH GAS fees that they spent on the transfer as GasFarm offers cashback rewards for spending. The more customers stick to the GFT token, the more reward they will receive. The platform calculates cashback rewards for various percentages and parameters and distributes them based on these percentages.

GasFarm also enables high yield farming, which allows users to lock funds while providing rewards in the process. In agriculture, cryptocurrencies are borrowed via DeFi protocols to earn variable or fixed interest.

The platform implements its reward system based on Proof of Stake (PoS) technology. The latter helps make the network stronger and safer and earn a reward for doing so. Each wagering pool has its own income and payout frequency requirements.

There is also a referral system in place. This is a program that allows you to earn passive income by inviting your friends.

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