Rick Scott crumbles as he is brought to his knees for awarding a false price for election lies by Trump



Senator Rick Scott tried to defend Trump with a fake “hard work” award, but his response further exposed the fraud.


Transcript via ABCs This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: After all, a few weeks ago you gave former President Trump something that you called the Champion of Freedom Award. That was April 10th. And you did, despite the fact that the former president continues to spread lies about the elections, Mike Pence, and the Siege of the Capitol on January 6th. He said there was no threat there.

Doesn’t such an award from the President encourage such behavior?

SCOTT: I gave him this award for all the right reasons. He – he was working on the border security. He was working to create the best economy we possibly had in my life. He – he worked to hold Xi and China accountable, hold the Castro regime accountable, hold Maduro accountable, help Israel, and sign the Abrahamic Accords. So, I mean, he – I mean, he worked hard. You know, every president I know would love to achieve more, but I mean, he – he did some things that previous presidents hadn’t done.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, unless you gave that award after he spread the lies about the election.
The award was a sham, and as Stephanopoulos pointed out, it was presented to Trump after he spent weeks and months spreading his big lie that the election had been stolen from him.

Hard work wasn’t associated with the Trump presidency. Donald Trump spent 57% of his weekend days as president playing golf and visited one of his homes every 3.4 days as president. Trump’s leaked private schedules showed he was doing practically nothing.

Scott had no answer to the fact that he was rewarding Trump for attacking the nation’s electoral integrity. He offered a little silliness about hard work when in reality there is no good reason for Trump to get an award for anything.

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