TKO Token’s ICO exceeds expectations


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TKO Token’s ICO exceeds expectations

Market strategists have popular advice for crypto traders: The initial coin offering could make a career or break.

TKO Token is making headlines in the blockchain space and is penetrating the global market in a big way.

When launched on the popular crypto trading platform Binance, the Indonesian pride is an instant hit.

The founders offered the Malta-based app around 75,000,000 or 15% of the total token offering of 500,000,000.

The $ 0.1 offer price did not last long after traders hoarded some stocks before the price skyrocketed.

An oversubscription of more than 200,000 was recorded on April 7, with more than 10 million purchases made during the day.

The new token is an brainchild of TokoCrypto, an Indonesia-based cryptocurrency exchange.

CEO Pang Xue Kai noted that the success of the launch is a huge achievement for them, especially as they seek to unlock the untapped potential of blockchain technology in Southeast Asia.

Analysts estimate that the size of the blockchain market will increase by 83% in the period from 2018 to 2023.

With the ubiquitous presence of decentralized payment options platforms, the expected market size is $ 23 billion over the next two years.

TKO is a hybrid coin that is both a centralized and a decentrally funded platform and is relatively rare in the international market.

It can serve as a regular financial platform and offer services like savings and deposits through TKO Savings, TKO Deposit and TKO Cashback.

It also offers transaction discounts and merchandise redemption.

The TKO price on the Binance app rose up to 3,000% to $ 10.00 apiece before hovering at $ 3.00.

It has now continued to decline, falling to an average of $ 2.5 on April 9th.

Where is the cryptocurrency headed?

Analysts noted that given the volatility of cryptocurrency assets, the price could ease further in the coming days before leveling off at a stable price.

Along with the rise of TKO, the controversial Ripple coin, which has a ticker symbol for XRP, broke above $ 1.00 per token after rising nearly 100%.

The uptrend was followed by TRON, also known as TRX, after hitting $ 0.14 apiece at an average price of $ 0.5.

Blockchain technology has received undivided market attention in recent months, supported by growing institutional attention.

In a recent report, crypto inflows hit a record high of $ 4.5 billion in the first quarter of the year, meaning the asset will stay here.

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