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It is a known fact that sports games have always been popular in the US, even before the Supreme Court was killed PASPA With the demise of this misguided law and the subsequent attention that states have paid to gambling in sports, efforts have continued to establish legal markets across the country 25 states now on board. More are on the way and there is even a possibility that gambling may be tackled at the federal level. Kambi, a company that provides B2B gambling services, published a detailed report on US gambling productivity last year. It might be enough to help lawmakers see the positive effects of the legal gambling markets.

Soccer, especially NFL soccer, continues to be the top option for sports players. It had the largest share of total grip last year, followed by basketball and baseball. The game between the New York Giants and the Tampa Bay privateers The largest regular seasonal operation was recorded last November Super Bowl LV took the top spot overall. Unsurprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Bucs each took the top two spots for grip.

Tom Brady got off to a sluggish start in his freshman year as quarterback for the Bucs, which could explain his position among the top five players on the handle. Two chiefs quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce took the top two spots, but Brady was defeated by New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara ran back and had to be content with fourth place. The seven-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Super Bowl MVP eventually showed that he still has his skills, which led the Bucs to play Super Bowl LV against the Chiefs.

Alternative bets are gaining popularity

Moneyline and spread betting are consistent favorites among sports players in football, but prop betting has gained significant ground in recent years. Now that legal sports gambling markets emerge in the US, a lot of action is starting to happen in live betting, instant betting and in-game options. Live stakes increased by 390% last year in 2019 Outcome and in-game wagers continue to be a more lucrative option for players. According to Kambi, the bet sizes in the game on mobile platforms were 50% higher than before the game last year.

Standalone games played during times when no other games were played attracted a lot. The grip on these games averaged three times higher than other games, and the instant betting volume doubled when played. Instant bets also saw a lot of action, accounting for 40% of all live NFL bets. This enabled the instant markets to grow year over year 400% and popularity these markets increased over the course of the season.

The last Super Bowl betting numbers are still missing

In 2020, around $ 300 million was spent on the Super Bowl in the legal sports game market in the United States. The final balance has not yet been drawn up for Super Bowl LV this year, but initial signs have put the handle at potentially over $ 500 million – over $ 136 million of that in Nevada only. Regardless of the outcome of the game, states win if they generate revenue from all bets. However, this latest Super Bowl turned out to be particularly lucrative for sports betting. Looking to defend last year’s title win and put in a strong performance in the 2020-21 season, the Chiefs should beat Brady and the Bucs. Most of the game money – around 74% by estimates – was spent on Kansas City to win, but the Bucs’ angry win got sports betting a fine payday.

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