Ron DeSantis highlights the storm relief and then praises Donald Trump


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Gov. Ron DeSantis Tuesday in Panama City highlighted the aid money for Hurricane Michael in 2018 in the ultimately far-reaching comments.

The Bay County announcement illustrated “even more progress in long-term recovery” after the historic storm and gave DeSantis an opportunity to thank and channel the former president Donald Trump, a reflection of how the governor benefited from Trump’s presidency and how he could carry on the legacy in the future.

The hurricane occurred in the last few weeks of DeSantis’ successful 2018 campaign. The governor described it as a “storm like no other” and said his team knew recovery would be a “long-term effort”.

There was financial support for this purpose. The governor instituted plans to approve any outstanding federal cost-sharing waivers for storm recovery. He said this would provide $ 22 million of additional assistance to fiscally constrained local governments and entities.

In addition, he announced the introduction of the Rebuild the Florida Workforce Recovery training program. This DEO program includes funding for local human resource development bodies, educational institutions and training programs, with $ 4.7 million split between Chipola College and Tallahassee Community College for civil engineering and welding engineering programs.

DeSantis said more money is coming, and that careers like welding are much safer than some less practical disciplines.

“It’s a breeze to create opportunities in these industries,” said DeSantis.

Danish eagleThe head of the economic opportunities division spoke about the governor’s approach to granting funds. Eagle said DeSantis told him to “bring this money into the community” and not “let it sit in the coffers.”

Similar positive statements came from Rep. Jay Trumbullwho called DeSantis “the kindest governor the Panhandle has seen”.

DeSantis credit President Donald Trump getting through for him and the panhandle by explicitly attributing Trump’s overriding objections to the green lighting for a 45-day damage-sharing waiver.

“With Trump, I could pick up the phone and put him on the phone,” said DeSantis. The former hurricane relief president was just one example of “many unique things that have happened during that time”.

“His staff didn’t want him to do it,” said DeSantis. But Trump said he would “be there for the people in the panhandle” and then opted for “barrel ahead”.

But DeSantis didn’t just thank Trump. He also offered a believable imitation, in an unsolicited pushback for the third time in 16 hours against a 60 minutes Story that charged him with distributing vaccines for a fee.

DeSantis dumped himself on “smear dealers” in the panhandle and swore he would not surrender.

“I know corporate media believe they can just run over people. You don’t run over this governor. I hit back. And I’ll keep going until these grease dealers are brought to justice, ”DeSantis vowed.

“If you’re not a partisan leftist, don’t trust the corporate media,” added DeSantis. “You can’t trust them. You are not trustworthy. You will lie. They will smear. And then they just go to the next destination and think they can get away with it. “

“You can’t get away with it here. You come to our state, you try to smear people, we will fight back and we will hold you accountable. This is far from over, ”added DeSantis.

One topic that was not addressed was that of the US representatives. Matt Gaetz, the DeSantis ally who was hit by a sex scandal, and reported on an investigation. Gaetz was absent to make the announcement, and the press did not ask the governor about his political ally, who was vital to his campaign and transition to government efforts.

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