Limited Run Games announces two limited edition Nintendo Switch editions of No More Heroes


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Limited Run Games has announced several editions of No More Heroes for the Nintendo Switch. All editions will be pre-ordered this month, but buyers will need to work quickly to get the edition of their choice.

The limited editions are for No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Both versions have a standard physical version. The edition contains a region-free cartridge and a cover with a colored interior as well as a colored brochure.

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No More Heroes The Santa Destroy Bundle is intended for both the original game and the sequel. The limited edition is also packaged in a limited edition box with a replica “Santa Destroy” flag.

Both titles have a collector’s edition, each of which is available separately. Each collection contains a physical game with several bonus items.

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Travis Touchdown gets physical!

No more heroes and no more heroes 2: Desperate Struggle ride on Nintendo Switch.

Get the standard editions or the totally nasty Collector’s Editions on match 12.

– Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) March 4, 2021

No More Heroes Collector’s Edition is included as standard in the game Nintendo Switch housing. The deluxe box art combines with the No More Heroes 2 Collector’s Edition.

The collection also includes the original soundtrack on a physical CD, an 18 “x 24” reversible poster, an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview, an art book and an official Nintendo Switch SteelBook case.

The No More Heroes 2 Collector’s Edition contains similar items. All articles will be special for the sequel. The deluxe box type matches the limited edition of the first game. Those who buy both limited editions will receive the replica of the Santa Destroy flag.

Players can now learn more about each of the limited editions on the Limited Run Games website. Each limited edition is available on a separate page with more information on when the limited editions will be available.

No More Heroes and its sequel are HD remasters of the original game. Both titles were published digitally in the Switch eShop in October 2020. Players can now pick up the titles for around $ 20 each.

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No More Heroes plays Travis Touchdown, who wields a ray canana. He was recently voted number 11 by the United Assassins Association and now faces the deadly battle against the top ten assassins in the world. Travis won’t stop until he’s the No. 1 assassin.

The physical editions of No More Heroes will go on sale from March 12th to April 11th at Limited Run Games.

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