Battle Brothers is a hardcore role-playing game for Nintendo Switch


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Battle Brothers is a tactical role-playing game that was originally launched steam. The unique battle simulation title was developed by Overhype Studios and has announced an upcoming port for Nintendo Counter. The game is sold as a comprehensive bundle alongside its expansions or can be purchased independently at half price. This is a big step and Battle Brothers are ready to be adopted by a new community.

The game was released on PC back in 2017 and immediately received positive reviews. To build a gang of mercenaries, players travel a dark fantasy world as they battle monsters of all shapes and sizes. This is a tactical title at its core, but the battle is only beginning for many in the Nintendo Switch audience.

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Battle Brothers is a tactical RPG that feels grainy. Enter a medieval world where players have to decide where to go, who to hire, and who to fight. Contracts are at the discretion of the player, and how you equip and train your men is entirely up to you.

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Players lead a mercenary company through bloody battles to victorious results. Travel a world map and enjoy the tactical combat that is common all over the world. As you chase down individual enemies, keep supplies to cities and engage in a variety of activities along the way.

The world is procedurally generated and the game follows a permatod mechanic. Any character that dies remains dead, and each character has a number of unique backstories and traits.

Character development takes place without a class system that allows each fighter to develop at will. Equipment plays a role in this game, and players will need a variety of different weapons to survive the many campaigns of carnage.

Enjoy a dynamic event system in this title with atmospheric encounters that force difficult decisions. As players progress through the story, they will encounter several late-game crises, including a war between nobles, an invasion of the Greenskins, and an undead horde.

This title is full of potential and opportunities that the Nintendo Switch community will soon have access to.

The game is great for a teenage audience and up. The adult themes in combat and the advanced tactics make it friendly for a more mature audience, but younger players could enjoy this game if they understood its core concepts.

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Battle Brothers is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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