Jennifer Garner remembers her agent warning her to retire if she turns down the Dallas Buyers Club


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Jennifer Garner signed the Dallas Buyers Club to avoid retirement (Image credit: Facebook / JENNIFER GARNER)

Jennifer Garner pledged to star in the 2013 drama Dallas Buys Club to avoid the prospect of retirement as an actor.

The Juno star admits she repeatedly turned down job offers to get back on screen after a career hiatus to raise her three children with her now ex-husband, Ben Affleck, and this eventually led to an ultimatum from her then agent Patrick Whitesell, when he called Matthew McConaughey in 2012 with the script for Oscar-winning actress.

She recalled The Hollywood Reporter: “He said, ‘This is going to be a phone call about one of two things: It’s going to be a phone call about you doing this little movie, or it is going to be a phone call about you doing this little movie Retire. ‘

“And I knew I had asked enough of my agents who had taken my cocks, and I had said no to everything and kept getting pregnant. But I was really blown away by a third child.

“Ben did Argo and I was just trying to keep the plates going. I also knew I didn’t want to finish acting, so I said, ‘OK, I’ll do it. ‘”(MT / BAN / LOT)

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