CS: GO disappeared from Steam for an incredible, terrifying couple of hours



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is usually the most popular game on Steam. For a bizarre couple of hours last night, it was no longer available on Steam. CS: GO, and a seemingly random selection of other Steam titles briefly disappeared from the store, and no one seems to know why. Valve has confirmed it happened but did not provide details on why.

In the US, CS: GO was removed from the Steam store around midnight on March 9th. A few games like um, Paws and Claws: Pet Vet and Section 8: Prejudice were eliminated at the same time, as were DLC packs for everything from Fallout: New Vegas to Black Desert Online. A handful of movies and shows have also been removed, including Mad Max, Clerks, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Really a dark time for our culture.

As you can see on SteamDB, every title disappeared at once and they were all restored a little over two hours later. During that time, there was no apparent decline in CS: GO players. So it looks like this only affected the store page – not the game itself.

So far, this tweet was Valve’s only response.

https://t.co/ilJQtaBQxS pic.twitter.com/C5LFdUZGll

– CS: GO (@CSGO) March 9, 2021

We asked Valve directly for more details, because what the hell man? One of the greatest multiplayer games in the world disappears from its single storefront for a few hours? We need to know what happened there.

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