The child tax incentive that is proposed as an incentive will encourage efforts in the years to come


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A quarter of a century ago the debate centered on an urban underclass whose problems seemed to set them apart from a generally prosperous society. They were disproportionately black and Latin American and were mainly represented by Democrats. Now insecurity has climbed the economic ladder to a wider working class with problems similar to underemployment, marriage dissolution and drugs. Often white and rural, many are voters Republicans want to bring to justice.

“Republicans cannot count on a counter-campaign,” said Hammond. “You have crossed the Rubicon in terms of cash payments. People love the stimulus checks. “

The subdued opposition to the proposal has shown that “the people on the right are curious about child benefit – not committed, but flexible”.

Analysis by Sophie M. Collyer of Columbia University underscored the scope of the plan. She found that in Georgia, child support would bring net income per child of $ 1,700 for whites, $ 1,900 for Latinos, and $ 2,100 for blacks.

As an independent suburb in a state that has long been red, Ms. Houpe is one of those whose loyalty is to be won. She rejected the argument that a child allowance would boost unemployment and warned that some parents would have to work too much. “My son had soccer games every Saturday morning,” she said, “and I wasn’t there for him as much as I wanted.”

If help carries risks, said Ms. Houpe, so does the lack of it. Last fall, she ran out of money and suffered from debilitating depression. A panic attack got so severe that she pulled her car to the side of the road. “My son freaked out” looking for her asthma inhaler, she said.

Still trying to get unemployment benefits, Ms. Houpe plans a bakery shop called The Munchie Shopp. She practiced strawberries dipped in white chocolate and polished her red velvet cake. This week she tried to die a blue but denied making a political statement.

“During an election, people say anything to win,” she said. “Let’s see what they do.”

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