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With the Samsung Galaxy S21, there are big discounts on many of the earlier Galaxy S and Note lines. If you don’t mind driving a slightly older flagship, you can save even more. We’ve rounded up the best deals on Samsung Galaxy, from the Galaxy S21 to the Galaxy S8.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the highest quality devices, the cheaper A series or the still powerful Galaxy S10 family, you have come to the right place.

Special Offer: Save $ 450 on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and $ 100 on the Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Amazon Deal

The 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Recently there was a permanent price drop from $ 1,450 to $ 1,450 $ 1,200. It’s now cheaper than that Amazon listing that lets you pick it up for $ 999.99 ($ ​​450 off). That makes it nearly $ 250 cheaper than the 4G version, and you can also save $ 100 on the Galaxy Buds Pro if you buy them at the same time.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G does a lot of things really well. It has great performance, moderate battery life and the (almost) the latest version of Android. But there is one thing that the vast majority of other telephones cannot yet do: it can be cut in half. All modern foldable phones so far come at a premium price, but this at least gives you the opportunity to save a lot.

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The Z Flip 5G’s specs are solid, but not mind-blowing. Probably the biggest advantage of a foldable clamshell phone is that the phone is about half the size when not in use. This means that it takes up less vertical space, is better protected and fits in smaller pockets and compartments compared to traditional smartphones. Considering it has a pretty massive 6.7-inch 21.9: 9 display, the smaller form factor helps it fit in more spots.

At the time of writing, there were only a handful of handsets left in stock so you may not be able to get this great price for long. Click the widget below to check it out.

$ 999 .99

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

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Best deals for Samsung Galaxy:

Publisher’s Note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best Samsung Galaxy deals as new ones are announced.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Deals

Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 series only launched in January, you can already make savings on all three models. Here are some of the best examples. They’re usually from Amazon and Best Buy, and it’s worth noting that both retailers offer benefits. While Best Buy offers better prices for activating your unlocked phone on a network today, Amazon can save you $ 100 on the Galaxy Buds Pro when you buy. Here are some options:

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There are also many trade-in offers for carrier deals for these phones. Here are some of the best options:

  • Samsung: Save $ 700 with a trade-in on the Galaxy S21 or $ 800 on the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. You can also get up to $ 200 in instant credit on watches, earbuds, tablets, and more.
  • Verizon: Buy a Galaxy S21 and get one for free with invoice balance. You can also get $ 750 off when you trade in a new line or $ 600 when you upgrade and trade-in.
  • AT&T: Get up to $ 800 in billing credit with a trade-in, or get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at half price.
  • T-Mobile: Save up to $ 800 when you trade in or buy two devices.
  • US Cellular: Switch to US Cellular and get a Galaxy S21 for free or $ 800 off the other S21 phones. No trade-in required, no plan requirements, and no activation fees.

Reviews: Galaxy S21 | Galaxy S21 Plus | Galaxy S21 Ultra

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals

If you are looking for a high-end phone, the Galaxy S20 series still has a lot going for it. Whether you want the incredible 100x zoom of the S20 Ultra or the fast Qualcomm SoC that powers the entire line, look no further.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the most powerful phones it can get, but its price tag matches the specs. Alternatively, you can also buy the S20 or the S20 Plus, depending on how much screen space you want.

While there currently seems to be a shortage of inventory in the S20 range, here are the best offers unlocked for the Galaxy S20:

If you don’t mind getting a deal, you can also check out the Samsung Galaxy S20 deals on Best Buy:

3. Samsung Galaxy Note Deals

The Samsung Galaxy Note has become synonymous with the term phablet. The massive screen, the integrated S-Pen and the sharp rectangular shape are hallmarks of the line. Picking up a Galaxy Note is an obvious choice when you want to have the largest device on the block or keep taking notes on your phone.

When you need to have the latest and greatest, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are available. The Note 20 may be a nominal upgrade from the last generation, but the Note 20 Ultra shows how luxurious the phablet line can be. As with many new cell phones, you can buy them from all of your preferred retailers. However, the best way to save money is by selling your device back to Samsung.

Here’s a good place to say goodbye to your current device and save up to $ 650 on the Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra:

If you enjoy traveling with a freight forwarder, check out these links:

The brand new Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are the new kids on the block, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still there along with the Note 9. The unlocked versions are available from the following links:

4. Galaxy Z Flip Deals

Do you remember the good old days of flip phones? Those days are back. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip to compete with the Motorola Razr, among others. Now you can save money and experience the hype. If you want to turn your head while pulling out your phone, the Z Flip is for you. You may just have to be careful how rough you are with the screen.

Check out the Z Flip deals below:

Read our review if you want to learn more.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Deals

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold was the godfather to breaking new ground, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the sequel that surpasses the original in every way. Samsung listened to consumer vulnerabilities and fixed almost every bug that plagued its first foldable plague. That said, the Z Fold 2 is a powerful – albeit expensive – device for those looking for hardware that acts like a phone and tablet.

You won’t be able to pick up either device at low prices, although we’ll be looking for cheaper leaflets in 2021. In the meantime, here are some of the best deals on the Z Fold range:

6. Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

If you’re looking for a phone that still has a lot going for it, but may no longer have the latest specs, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is for you. It was Samsung’s first line that had punch-hole cameras across the board and ran on the Samsung One UI skin.

You can also choose between the budget Galaxy S10e, the standard Galaxy S10, and the larger Galaxy S10 Plus. The big savings on unlocked versions of these phones have dried up a bit lately, but you can find deals here and there.

For now, your best bet would be to get the Galaxy S10 Plus renewed from Amazon for $ 414 ($ 435 off). It’s also worth checking out the S10 and S10e deals on Amazon regularly, as prices can drop significantly at any time.

For more information, check out our Galaxy S10 review here.

7. Galaxy S9 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone in sunrise gold in a person's hand.

If you don’t need the latest equipment or are on a budget, you can still buy a refreshed Samsung Galaxy S9. It has a Snapdragon 845 chip and runs Android 10, but you only have one rear camera to work with. Just like with the other offers from Samsung, you can choose between the standard size and the plus depending on your preference.

There are currently some good prices on refurbished Galaxy S9 devices. Check the options below.

8. Galaxy S8 Deals

You can still buy the Galaxy S8 if you want, but it might just be for the sake of nostalgia. The Galaxy S8 was Samsung’s introduction of the Infinity Display and it came with Android 7.0 Nougat on board. It also has a 3,000 mAh battery and 64 GB of storage, which is still sufficient for the Google Pixel 4, but is comparatively small compared to newer Galaxy devices.

Finding a brand new Galaxy S8 at this point is probably outrageous, but you can download a renewed one from the widgets below.

9. Samsung Galaxy A Deals

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G alternative view

Recognition: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Samsung may be offering the Galaxy S line as its flagship, but you can also try the Galaxy A line if you’re on a more limited budget. The processors are taking a step back and are offering the Snapdragon 400 to 600 series. The Galaxy A series is more of a mid-range series that also features teardrop notches and some pinhole cameras.

Here are some of the best deals you can get on these phones:

Now that you’ve hopefully settled on the Samsung Galaxy deals, here are a few more resources that might be helpful:

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