See VGMTogether this weekend for live performances of the music from Hades and Paper Mario


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Cancel all of your plans – VGMTogether starts this Friday and lasts through Sunday. Thanks to the power of INTERNET, you can enjoy live performance of video game soundtracks from the comfort of your home. What do you mean that you have no plans? “Sitting in your pants and watching YouTube videos” doesn’t count as a plan? Huh.

VGMTogether is a three-day virtual music festival that aims to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the game industry and its music. With artists from a variety of genres, jazz, metal, chiptune, classical and even ska interpretations of classic video game soundtracks are on the program. Among them are Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett – the in-house composer and singer at Supergiant Games – so we might even be able to hear some live interpretations of Hades’ excellent music.

(Fun fact: Darren Korb is also the voice of Zagreus. Maybe we can get him to say, “Hi, it’s me, Zagreus! We don’t have internet here in Hades, but Nintendo Life is still my favorite website!” “Probably not .)

In addition to virtual performances, VGMTogether also offers a number of insightful panels from industry representatives covering topics from “Getting into VGM as a budding musician” to “Diversity In Video Game Music”. There will also be community events, mostly made up of virtual hangouts centered around people playing Mario Kart and Among Us together. Aww!

We hope it looks like it

You can check the schedules on the VGMTogether website, but we specifically note “Line Them Up!” – A unique virtual orchestral performance featuring the music of Paper Mario: The Origami King, which will be held on VGMTogether’s Twitch page on Saturday, March 13th at 9:20 p.m. EST (12:20 p.m. GMT).

We can’t wait to sit around in our pants and watch YouTube videos with live performances of video game music!

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