When is the ACIC-Archer merger date and is SPAC stock a buy?


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ACIC is down over 36 percent from its 52-week high of $ 18.60. However, on March 1, the SPAC share was over 7 percent higher in pre-market trading. However, the ratings of all companies in the mobility business seem to be high. Even Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said most of the company’s value comes from the mobility business, which includes autopilot and robotic taxis (which have not yet been introduced).

With worsening city traffic, the demand for UAM on the fly could increase sharply. United Airlines has also invested in Archer, placing orders worth $ 1 billion that can be scaled to $ 1.5 billion. ACIC SPAC stock looks like a good match for the future of mobility. Given the Joby Aviation valuation discount, the stock looks like a good buy at current prices.

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