Should you do the Joe Hart Flashback SBC in FIFA 21? Unique goalkeeper SBC


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The newest SBC in FIFA 21 celebrates a Premier League classic: Joe Hart’s 2011/2012 season with Manchester City when the team won the league. This SBC is for Spurs, Joe Hart’s current team, though it makes little difference.

Aren’t you too excited about being an SBC goalkeeper? Goalkeepers are often overlooked and thrown onto a team for chemistry, but this Joe Hart card appeals to many hearts and minds, especially people who grew up admiring the goalkeeper’s accomplishments.

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The common record holder for most PL Golden Gloves 🥇✋

A new Flashback Squad Building Challenge is now available at # FIFA21 #


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In terms of the map, the stats look pretty good. Joe Hart is a massive 6ft5 that matches him with Pope in terms of size. Pope is one of the most popular goalkeepers in FIFA 21 for this very reason, so this is a good comparison.

While players don’t pay too much attention to the goalkeeper’s stats, Joe Hart has pretty good pace for a goalkeeper too. This makes him quite unique compared to other goalkeepers and means that he could potentially hit some players with those frustrating long balls than your base Ter Stegen, De Gea or Ederson.

Here’s a closer look at the statistics thanks to FUTBIN:

The stats are pretty good where it counts. This pace is striking with a sprint speed of 82. He’s faster than TOTY Neuer. Joe Hart also has decent dribbling skills with a focus on reactions, perfect when you are in close quarters with him. He is easy to join, English and in the Premier League.

Joe Hart needs an 85 rating roster, which is roughly 150-200,000 if you just buy all the players. That’s pretty expensive for a goalkeeper, even though TOTY Neur is currently sitting at 400,000.

However, compared to the informed Nick Pope, the 84-rated TOTW card, it’s about 100,000 more. Pope sits at around 50,000 on both consoles, and the cards have similar stats in terms of size and stature. Joe Hart has some extra boosts here and there.

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Given Pope’s popularity – and the fact that many players think the card is completely broken – this Joe Hart could be a good investment if you’re looking for a solid goalkeeper to get you out by the end of the year Clears away.

At the same time, that’s almost 200,000 non-tradable coins that are thrown into a gatekeeper. Not recommended if your club is running out of players or if you are running out of coins. Get Pope instead.

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