Covid-19 crashed the stock market a year ago. Here are some lessons learned.

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The longest bull market ever ended a year ago.

Since then, the comeback on the stock market has been nothing short of astonishing.

It took the S&P 500 just 126 trading days to go from a record high to a bear market and back to a new high. This was the fastest recovery of its kind in history. It even happened when market forecasters warned stocks would have to be sold again due to the growing death toll and unprecedented job loss due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The US is still in the middle of the pandemic that led to the spring sell-off. And the future of the market remains immersed in uncertainty. Just last week, soaring bond yields eased many of the most popular technology stocks of the past decade.

The stock market is barely above where it started the year. In the week ahead, traders say they will be focusing heavily on inflation data, which could add to the recent debate over whether inflationary pressures are mounting.

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