“Boss Level” gives the time loop story an action twist


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The fantasy trope from Time Loops is all the rage again. Obviously, we all know Groundhog Day which made it perfect. Last year brought Palm Springs which did a great job too. Just a few weeks ago, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things found a way to make the premise charming. Now we have Boss Level that decides to go in a completely different direction. Instead of being a comedy or a romantic comedy, it goes as far away from rom-com as possible. Instead, we have a violent action film with admittedly comical undertones (which sets it apart from Edge of Tomorrow, for example). The result is something that stands out, that’s for sure.

The film is a mix of action and science fiction, with a little comedy. As we learn early, former Special Forces agent Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo) is trapped in a time warp that will repeat the day of his murder over and over again. The more he dies and the longer he lives in these loops, the more Roy discovers some clues about his situation. In particular, it turns out that a secret government project developed by his ex-Jemma Wells (Naomi Watts) could hold the key to unlocking the mystery behind his current fate. Fighting repeated death and the clock, Roy realizes that he must hunt down Colonel Ventor (Mel Gibson), who is the head of the government program that Jemma works for. That would be hard enough, but he has to do it while running away from the large group of assassins who are supposed to insult him. You are determined to keep him from getting the answers he needs to break out of the cycle, but if he can, he may be able to save his family. Action follows. Joe Carnahan directs and writes with Chris Borey and Eddie Borey. Juan Miguel Azpiroz takes care of the camera while Clinton Shorter composes the score. Supporting players include Ken Jeong, Selina Lo, Sheaun McKinney, Will Sasso, Annabelle Wallis, Michelle Yeoh, and others.

This movie shows Joe Carnahan having a great time behind the camera. He can indulge his typical sensitivity to action and at the same time blink at the camera all the time. Plus, this is a welcome lead for Frank Grillo, who is perfectly cast. Naomi Watts may be wasted while Mel Gibson is just kind of around, but Grillo is more of an ace. You want to hang out with him, enjoy watching him kick his ass and make sure he survives. All of this goes a long way here.

Boss Level manages to show how to take a worn out premise and have some fun with it. While you might think of other time loop films, Edge of Tomorrow in particular, this one has a personality of its own. While this movie was a big bang, this one is a little closer to a joke. It’s never pure comedy, but it’s closer to one. This is also something that benefits the film as you never think about how morbid it all is. They just giggle along with and enjoy the ride, carnage filled as it is.

Boss Level is now set on Hulu and is silly and violent fun. If you like this, you will dig it up. If not, you have very little use for the movie. It all depends on you. Personally, the movie was a bit of a bang, if downright low art. Check out the movie when it comes down your alley. If nothing else, it’s a solid change of pace this weekend …

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