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The Democratic Senator’s dramatic no to the $ 15 minimum wage

Applause broke out as Senate Democrats approved a massive $ 1.9 trillion Covid relief bill after an overnight marathon vote and last-minute bargaining between Democrats on issues like unemployment benefits.

As the Capitol buzzes with the ongoing bill and related stories, in other corners of the building, President Biden sees Sharon Gustafson, General Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a Trump employee after refusing to leave her post to resign.

Looking at another side of US politics, former President Trump tabled an injunction for the use of his name and likeness on three major Republican Party fundraising drives because he is dissatisfied with organizations that have assisted Republicans in their efforts against indictment use it as a campaign tool.

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Watch: Senate Joy As Covid Aid Bill Passes

Josh MarcusMarch 6, 2021 6:36 PM


Tucker Carlson calls QAnon supporters “gentle” patriots a week after pointing out that the conspiracy does not exist

Tucker Carlson appeared to change his attitude towards supporters of the QAnon false conspiracy theory during his primetime show on Friday, describing them as “gentle people waving American flags after the Capitol Rising.”

The Fox News host said QAnon supporters “like this country” and said some were “maybe somehow mistaken for the wrong ideas” while referring to the completely imprecise conspiracy theory claiming former President Donald Trump defend the world from a rich network of child robbers, conveniently including its obvious political enemies like Hillary Clinton, while ignoring his own friends and allies.

Chris Riotta has the details on this lavish picture rehabilitation.

Josh MarcusMarch 6, 2021 6:14 PM


What is in the stimulus package that has just been adopted?

Here are some of the highlights of the huge $ 1.9 trillion package:

$ 300 weekly unemployment benefit through September 6th

$ 1400 stimulus checks for many

Billions for state and municipalities, schools, small businesses and vaccine distribution

Extends Grocery Brand Benefits by 15%

More Affordable Care Act federal health grants

$ 8.5 rural health care provider bill

Josh MarcusMarch 6, 2021 5:54 p.m.


The applause breaks out as the Senate passes Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion Covid Relief Act

Applause broke out in the Senate on Saturday afternoon as the Senators voted 50-49 to pass President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion (£ 1.3 trillion) Covid aid package.

James Crump is following this breaking news. Stay tuned for more details.

Josh MarcusMarch 6, 2021 5:34 PM


Kayleigh McEnany ridiculed for claiming Trump finds Twitter ban “liberating”

This only in the wishful thinking department:

Ms. McEnany was recently hired as a Fox News employee and appeared on Fox Business on Friday morning. She told host Stuart Varney that Mr. Trump “said it was a kind of exemption not to have Twitter” and claimed that he was “fine”.

After the riot in the Capitol that banned Mr Trump, the ex-president was reportedly “ballistic”.

Gustaf Kilander is there.

Josh MarcusMarch 6, 2021 5:21 PM


Biden fires a Trump official who refuses to resign

President Biden has fired Sharon Gustafson, General Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), who was appointed by former President Trump.

After refusing to step down, the White House announced to Ms. Gustafson that she would be released from 5 p.m. on March 5.

Republicans were quick to criticize Ms. Gustafson’s resignation. Andrea Lucas, a Republican-appointed commissioner for the EEOC, described the dismissal as a violation of Biden’s demand for unity.

Ms. Gustafson’s tenure was originally scheduled to end in 2023. Before she was released, it was stated that she would end her entire term.

Bethany DawsonMarch 6, 2021 4:48 pm


Donald Trump asks Republican fundraisers to stop using his name in campaigns

Lawyers representing former President Trump have sent a warning letter to three of the Republican Party’s largest fundraisers – RNC, NRCC, and NRSC – asking that their name and likeness no longer be used for fundraising. Using emails and goods, a Trump adviser told Politico.

Trump is reportedly dissatisfied with organizations that have assisted Republicans in their efforts to indict him are using him as a campaign tool.

“President Trump remains committed to the Republican Party and elects America First Conservatives, but that does not give anyone – friend or foe – permission to use their image without express permission,” said a Trump aide.

Bethany DawsonMarch 6, 2021 4:36 pm


Legislators continue to work on changes while the Covid-19 Aid Act is close to being passed

The Senate has been in session since 9:00 a.m. EST Friday and has considered over 24 amendments to date.

The hope is that the last passage will be reached by Saturday noon (12 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. GMT) and that cloudy eyes can finally be rested. The amended bill will then be sent back to House for signature and then to President Biden next week.

Overnight, the Senate held a real competition for the Senator’s ability to stay awake. Several lawmakers took a moment to rest their heads at their desks. Senator Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, one of the younger senators at 48, trudged into the chamber and made a long stretch, AP reported.

Bethany DawsonMarch 6, 2021 4:02 p.m.


Senator Sinema’s office describes the criticism of the thumbs-down vote as “sexist”.

Democratic Senator Sinema has faced backlash for her methods of voting against Bernie Sander’s minimum wage bill, as critics criticized her for appearing to “flaunt” her decision by putting the overemphasized thumbs down on the vote of the Senate brought.

Her office dismissed criticism as sexist, telling HuffPost in a statement: “A comment about a senator’s body language, clothing or behavior does not belong on a serious media show.”

Bethany DawsonMarch 6, 2021 3:23 PM


The concern that 144 cities could lose their status as metropolitan areas

The federal government is proposing to downgrade 144 cities in the US from designating metropolitan areas and has concerns with officials in some of the affected areas who fear the change could have a negative impact on federal funding and economic development.

Under the new proposal, a metropolitan area would have to have at least 100,000 people in its core city to qualify as an MSA, which is double the 50,000 person threshold that has existed for 70 years.

Cities with 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants are classified as “micropolitical”.

A committee of representatives of the federal statistical offices recently addressed the recommendations to the Office for Administration and Budget, stating that the move will be for statistical purposes and not be used for funding formulas. However, this is how it is often used.

Bethany DawsonMarch 6, 2021 Feb 15

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