Sergio Pellicer: “Nobody from the outside will come to save us”


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How will the team’s style of play change after Chavarría’s injury? “Because of the circumstances, it’s the worst that can happen to a professional. Injuries hit us, two players who scored goals in Sabadell, Iván and Pablo, went through the worst that a footballer can go through. Pablo’s football quality is undeniable. And an enormous human quality, it is not studied in a university or college. And we will miss it. But given the problems, we have been looking for injuries since we arrived in the face of all odds and the group managed to overcome them. There were also serious injuries last year. What we need to do is that all of these obstacles continue to be removed. From there, maximum confidence in what we have. We don’t have a Pablo profile, but we will adapt and there will be other mechanisms. The team’s idea is that of continuity in recent games, that the game will not be rewarded with results. It’s not a question of luck, we are critical of ourselves. Don’t worry, maximum confidence in the players we have. Losing a player of this profile is a big blow. We’ll know how to put it back together, and the others will do the job they want. “

Will Malaga try to sign a replacement for the Argentine striker? “Every time they make it harder for us. We managed to overcome obstacles. I have full confidence in what these players are out there. It is complex because of the number of chips, despite all odds, penalties, prompts to choose, injuries … It is the work of sports management. We know the work of Manolo and the rest of his team. If someone comes to help, so much the better. But no savior will come, whoever has to save this is who is here. Alexander came through Calero who helps us. You don’t have to put the Savior’s label on anyone, they are the ones who are in everyday life. I am very happy with the performance of the group that I see. Trust of the people from below, a lot of things happened and in these situations Juande, Ramón, Ismael, Luis Muñoz appeared as midfielders … They see the commitment of the group and believe in the way it works. If someone comes, they will help because of the small number of chips. “

Protagonism of the quarry. “It is more difficult than it is now. We are the team with the most youth players in the squad. I think more of what’s coming is complicated. The future for the people below has a clear path, but it must be earned daily in training. I believe that by flags we are a quarry team. Last year was an extreme situation where the youth players played at a level of brutal emotional stress so as not to lose two categories as other teams are now relegated. We think of the present and the future will come. Malaga is a young people’s paradise but you have to work like beasts even if they have a highway to get there. “

Caye Quintana, Orlando Saturday and July: “I always tell the players to train as if they were playing on Sunday. Now the range is open, there are several versatile players. The minutes are not requested in press conferences or interviews, but in training courses. Everyone sees green. Caye will play. Orlando has had various physical problems, he is out of luck. And a lot of trust in young people because I see him in his daily work. We are aware of the youth and the daughter. Complete confidence in them, without pressure, but that is achievement. I never say it, but Caye will play. He deserves it for what he’s done over the past few weeks, which has been tremendous. He will do his best, we will find the best mechanisms to make him stronger and if he doesn’t score let other teammates do it, the circumstance will be created for them. Caye started the season as a striker but he gives us a lot of tactical wealth, he’s played inside or as a winger and knows he’s a striker because of the team I’ve been waiting for. “

Analysis of Sabadell. “It’s a team that is much better off the stadium. It comes from brutal competition against teams that are at the forefront of promotion like Espanyol and Almería. As a result, he deserved more than we did. He wants to elaborate on it, he’s dynamic and he’s found defensive solidity that he didn’t have before. We have to process several sets of data. They like to have the ball, put it on, create interior spaces, push up and find spaces behind the back. It’s one of the most important games, always next most important, but given the situation we’re in, we have to give continuity to Rayo, a team with a similar profile. Despite the classification, it’s a daring team that doesn’t play as one of the lower zones. Try to cause a bug. His results do not correspond to the developed game like us. Maximum humility and with your feet on the ground. You don’t have to look at the classification, an opponent is always a major obstacle in a given game. You have to give continuity to the game and be precise in the area we are not in. We’re the third team with the fewest results, but we conceded goals. Up front a team that likes to have possession and that shoots the most and ends the game. We have to give continuity to what we do in attack, if we have the same chances we will be closer to victory. “

Is it possible to file a professional file with a subsidiary at this point? “We will concentrate, it is not possible to file the files of a subsidiary as a professional. Manolo Gaspar is there, but that is impossible. I believe that a subsidiary player cannot be registered now. The situation is that when someone comes from outside it is basically a token issue to help. I’m very happy with the group, the people below, and who I have. Now more than ever we must be lucky with injuries. I ask my players to be healthy because I know the tremendous effort they make. We will get out of this mishap. Let us not expect any rescuers from outside. The only ones are here. We are all on the alert. Tomorrow is an extremely important game. You have to help those who come out and those who do it from the bench to get a victory that gives peace of mind. The group is above any individuality, it is the DNA of this Malaga. A brave quarry team that has this confidence in all the players who have come and bet on it. What they are doing this season has a lot of merit. I am confident that we will succeed. But above all group, group, group and collective ”.

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