Stardew Valley-like magical farming RPG, Alchemic Cutie, launches this July



The world of Stardew Valley likes is booming, even if I have to add to my ubiquitous plight over the fact that we don’t call them Harvest Moon likes. But I think if we did that I would have to go into the full story of the seasons every time and … well, that doesn’t matter. Alchemic Cutie is a particularly adorable take on the farming RPG formula, and it’s just gone and secured a release date.

Alchemic Cutie launches July 27th, which you might have seen if you tuned in during today’s New Game + Expo stream. Only a launch on Xbox platforms was mentioned in this trailer, but the developers confirmed in a blog post that “Alchemic Cutie will be exclusive to PC, Xbox One / S / X and the Xbox series from the day it launches S / X. ”Focus on the PC.

You get much of what you’d expect from a mashup of farm and RPG games – villagers to befriend, events to attend, and an island to explore over a number of seasons – but Alchemic Cutie also has its own taste. With the title alchemy, you can create magical items to help you out, and you can raise a herd of jellies to accompany you on your adventures.

Check out the trailer below. Please see the game’s Steam page for more details.

Elsewhere in the Stardew Valley fanatic world, Coral Island has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal by an order of magnitude. These are good times for fans of extremely sweet farming.

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