The next Apex Legends event starts on Tuesday and includes the Caustic Town takeover and the new collection event


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It’s been a busy start to the year for Apex Legends. After the anniversary event (which, by the way, has only just ended), another event is already planned to be published next week.

Introduction to Chaos Theory. If you missed the Caustic teaser on the loading screen or some of the newly added biohazard drops on the Crash Site, you probably didn’t know that the next event is all about the Gasdaddy.

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The trailer for the “Chaos Theory” collection event should be tomorrow

– Shrugtal (@shrugtal), March 3, 2021

According to @Shrugtal, one of Apex Legends’ leading tidbits, there should be a trailer for the upcoming event tomorrow. That’s not a lot of downtime between events. Good stuff, Respawn.

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What does the event bring? Well, Caustic already has his hammer of death, so another legend stems from a collectible event and a matching heirloom.

This time it’s Bangalore. This old school legend hasn’t gotten much love over the years – though it arguably has some of the best legendary skins – and it’s time we got our hands on an heirloom.

Bangalore’s heirloom is a kind of knife or baton with a bit of a military background. If you want to find out what the heirloom looks like, leaked images are available.

In addition to the collection event, another time-limited game mode will be added to the normal playlist. This is the new way of integrating the LTMs into normal play. So, love it or hate it, you’ll see this LTM in pubs from Tuesday next week.

Leakers have confirmed that the LTM is likely to be referred to as the “Ring Frenzy” and contains some sort of crazy lock-rings with concentric circles and a “gas mask” element that you can pick up off the ground. Hello Warzone?

That leaves Caustic’s Town takeover. Town Takeovers are essentially new POIs that are lovingly dedicated to one of the existing legends. Pathfinder has the boxing ring on Olympus and Mirage has the party boat at King’s Canyon.

You can expect Caustic’s TT to be gaseous. Really gaseous. What that actually entails is everyone’s guess. Falling scattered? Irradiated water that burns your feet? The trailer is out tomorrow and will have more details.

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But that’s not all for Apex in March. The same day the event starts, Apex will also launch on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you are a thumbstick player or not, this is only good for the future of the game and introduces more players to the arena.

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