Blockchain Sports Firm Chiliz and its plans for the future


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Companies around the world are working around the clock to expand their services. It’s worth noting that blockchain sports company Chiliz plans to expand into the US for $ 50 million. The blockchain sports company has decided to open an office in New York. In addition, it will work with local leagues as well as sports franchises.

It’s no secret that New York is the headquarters of the US sports industry. People should keep in mind that the new office will be vital to Chiliz’s global expansion. Interestingly, the company is preparing to launch fan tokens with franchises from the five major US sports leagues.

As a reminder, the big blockchain sports company generated millions in revenue for some of Europe’s largest sports organizations. Last year, the company shared more than $ 30 million with its partners. This isn’t the end of the story as Chiliz plans to push that number to $ 60 million in 2021.

Interestingly, the company has years of experience providing fan tokens for popular football clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. In addition, thanks to blockchain-based tokens, sports organizations and clubs can unlock new experiences with fan engagement such as fan voting and direct communication with players. For example, AC Milan has launched its own fan token. Fans must be able to purchase the token, which will give them access to club polls, VIP rewards, super fan recognition, games, as well as chat forums.

Another world famous club, Barcelona, ​​used the tokens to vote on the placement of a fan-designed artwork in the team’s dressing room. In addition, Juventus fans had the opportunity to vote for the club’s new festival song.

Chiliz and interesting projects

It’s worth noting that working with its own fan engagement platform, Socios, Chiliz is known for working with some of the top cryptocurrency companies. Last year, the blockchain sports company announced a partnership with Binance.

It’s no secret that soccer is popular all over the world. Famous football clubs like Barcelona, ​​Juventus and others have the opportunity to solve many problems thanks to new technologies. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic made fan tokens even more popular. The pandemic created a lot of problems as fans in many countries are unable to participate in games. Football clubs are ready to partner with blockchain sports companies like Chiliz to bring interesting projects to hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

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