Truck Driver receives free Hidden Locations and Damage System DLC on Nintendo Switch


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Soedesco recently delivered the DLC for Hidden Places and Damage Systems for Truck Drivers on the Nintendo Switch. The update included a lot more content for the game and was previously made available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Hidden Locations and Damage Systems DLC is a free content pack that includes new vehicles, locations, and more. One of the biggest updates is the 3D visual damage occurring on the player’s truck and other vehicles. When a player takes environmental damage or wipes other vehicles off the side, the damage is now a visual reminder of what happened.

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New vehicles can be discovered along the road. This includes a minibus, a classic muscle car, a tow truck, a panel van and a pickup truck. These new vehicles offer players something new to look for when making the long journey to deliver their cargo.

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The free content pack also adds three hidden locations. These streets are not shown on the map, so players will have to do extra work to find them. After discovering the new roads, players can unlock new achievements or trophies.

There is one more visual addition that players need to look out for. Customers have a completely new look thanks to the revised character graphics.

The DLC for Hidden Locations and Damage Systems will be released after the update version 1.27 is released on February 18th. With the update, new content has been added, existing content has been revised and some corrections have been made.

The full list can be found at SoedescoWebsite. Major updates include increasing the skills and passive caps from 5 to 20. Players can also unlock 15 new unlockable color options in the garage to further customize their experience.

As for the gaming experience, players can now remap their controls for both steering and steering wheel controls in the options menu. Within the options, players can also find a new gamma slider in the graphics menu. Motion controls have also been turned off by default, unless players are only using one Joy-Con.

Some of the fixes include drastically reducing crashes when booting, loading screens, saving and loading saved games, and changing Joy-Con configurations. Overall, game memory stability has been improved so that players can have a more enjoyable experience.

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Truck Driver is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Counter.

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