Do you know that Antony Starr AKA Homelander actually took flying lessons from Christopher Reeves Superman?


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The boys are streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Antony Starr plays superhero Homelander in it (Photo Credit – Imdb)

Superheroes are supposed to be protectors and lovable. However, Antony Starr’s Homelander in The Boys makes you hate him. Of course, he’s loved by the public on the show because not everyone knows what’s behind the made-up personality he’s wearing. But as a viewer of the show, everyone doesn’t like him because of his evil personality.

But do you know how Antony Starr actually prepared for his superhero Homelander? He reportedly turned to YouTube for help and watched the videos of other popular superheroes like Christopher Reeves Superman for clues about flying.

Well, that’s hard to guess now that we’ve noticed that Superman and Homelander’s superhero clothes are pretty similar to each other. In fact, fans have discussed the similarities many times on the internet.

Interestingly, Antony Starr himself took to Instagram back in February of that year and shared sensational fan art of Homelander and Superman indulging in a love argument. Along with the post, he wrote a note that read, “Okidoke. It’s not often that I take a piece of fan art and repost it on feed, but that’s special … I can’t tell, but I’m pretty sure Homelander and Superman are in deadly fights … oooooor … very aggressive and combative flirting…. So is Homelander either; Ripping the shit out of Superman’s throat … or … giving him a bloody big bang to remember the moment. I think it’s the former because of the angry facials … “

“And looks at the bottom right … if it’s not Maxine Starr, who, as usual, is perfect for the camera. That dashing little cape she’s wearing there … then if we look over her … low and lo and behold, if it’s not Seth Rogan watching from a safe distance … he’s probably got a dollar on the line, to bet with that monk. So all in all … a hell of a lot. I laughed until I cried and had to share. Toodle-Pip 🙂 ”he added.

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