Should you buy VACQ SPAC stock prior to the Rocket Lab merger?


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Rocket Lab was founded in 2006 and offers small satellite launch services. The company, backed by defense giant Lockheed Martin, has launched 97 satellites for private and state-owned companies. Rocket Lab faces competition from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Richard Branson’s space tourism company Virgin Galactic, and space-based internet company AST SpaceMobile.

Rocket Lab expects sales of $ 35 million in 2020 and forecasts sales growth of 97 percent in 2021 and 155 percent in 2022. The company expects sales of $ 749 million in 2025, which is a multiple of the company’s value – Sales ratio by 2025 would mean about 5.4x – an attractive number compared to other space companies like Virgin Galactic. Rocket Lab’s adjusted EBITDA margin for 2025 of around 22 percent also looks good.

Rocket Lab estimates the total addressable market for the space industry to be worth around $ 350 billion. Given the company’s strong growth prospects, VACQ stock looks like a good buy. However, the stock is a speculative game until the Rocket Lab VACQ deal is closed.

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