Path of Kami: The prologue has just started on Steam


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Developer Captillight Games has announced a brand new adventure as Path of Kami: Prolog is coming to the Steam site. This is the prologue for a future release titled Path of Kami and gives players a taste of a relaxing puzzle adventure that follows the story of a ghost wolf. This is a title with a calming environment, and the trailer suggests that it has a cute narrative that builds up throughout the adventure.

The game is designed as a relaxing puzzle adventure that follows the story of a Japanese wolf. This spirit animal must navigate the mortal world by solving puzzles. Overall, this is a title that is rich in Japanese tradition and deeply embedded in a narrative of its own. Take part in a personal journey for a character lost to the world.

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Meet Kazeyo, a recently deceased Japanese wolf who navigates the spirit world. This wolf is on a journey navigating intricate puzzles through trials of the world of mortals and spirits. This is an overall relaxing experience, and its color palette gives it a mystical feel.

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Your companion is a Wisp who accompanies Kazeyo on his journey. Discover the fairy tales of Momotaro and Issun-Boushi as you take a personal journey into his next life with Kazeyo. This is a solemn piece, and its journey will stay with players for a while, even though it’s just a prologue.

The prologue version only contains part of Kazeyo’s journey. As players progress through the mortal realm, players will be introduced to the world of Path of Kami and the experiences they will soon discover.

Step into a beautiful recreation of ancient Japanese landscapes. There are tons of collectibles for players to collect. While this is a peaceful puzzle game, it is not an easy journey.

Puzzles can be solved by lighting lanterns, and players will experience a heartwarming story of a wolf and a breath. This trip warms up despite being in a cold landscape and tinted with a touch of death.

The world is beautifully hand painted in a 3D setting, which makes it a unique environment to explore. Mix that with the soundtrack and this track is sure to evoke strong emotions as the journey finds its way into the next world.

This is a good game for players of most ages. It approaches tough topics and could even be a good buy for those who recently lost someone.

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So far, this title has no release date. Path of Kami: Prologue is available on Steam for more information.

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