Analysis: The specter of Trump’s comeback raises a practical question


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To be honest, it was a relief over the past month not to be on the alert every hour to receive a world-rattling tweet or wondering which article of the constitution would smash next.

Now Trump has made a comeback from the golf course in an appearance that aides said would position it as an unaffordable favorite for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida on Sunday, Trump said: “The incredible journey he and his supporters began four years ago is far from over. Trump is already planning revenge on party members who have broken with his personality cult From his golf cart in Mar-a-Lago he makes plans to destroy her career in the run-up to the midterm elections in 2022. Whether he will actually run a presidential campaign is questionable – especially since his plans could be derailed by several legal problems if he was serious, he could scare off potential rivals. Politically speaking, it’s easy to see why Republican lawmakers stick with Trump – especially in districts where it’s all about facing the main challenge of a more radical adversary. He’s still very much popular with grassroots Republican voters, who saw him as the guardian of a traditional, conservative Look at America’s run by whites.

But the specter of Trump’s comeback raises a practical question: does anything justify another Trump presidency? He left the country in ruins, overwhelmed by a pandemic that he had barely admitted to in his final months in power. Its nepotism government left America more divided than ever since the Civil War. And he almost buckled up on US democracy himself and deceived his supporters into believing he had been betrayed in a free and fair election. People died because of the crowd he raised outside of the Capitol.

After all, the fact that Trump is still considered a credible leader by much of his party (even after losing the White House, House, and Senate) says a lot about the soul of republicanism and the state of American politics itself .

What about Canada?

Earlier this week we asked what Canada needs from the US, the “Meth Lab” south of the border, to quote the late Robin Williams. Michèle in Canada quickly offered another analogy coined by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He “likened it to a mouse sharing a bed with an elephant. In order to survive, one has to be constantly aware of what this creature is doing because it could.” turn around and crush yourself without realizing it, “she wrote.

The US-Canada relationship has never been more important – and Washington politics should reflect that, wrote Robert. “A new story is being built in which Asia and China will play a dominant role with significant implications for the future of the world. Coalitions must be formed that require close ties, and within one of those coalitions is the extraordinary US-Canada relationship based on a shared history, culture, and values. As a result, US domestic economic policy must take into account some of its most important and vital relationships, particularly with its northern neighbor. “

On the subject: Ken emphasized the solidarity in the fight against Covid-19. “Canada and the rest of the world need the United States to bring charges to compel drug companies to share the vaccine for Covid-19 with other drug companies. Vaccine the world and be doomed to patents and profits!” he wrote. And Canadian anger over Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline is exaggerated, Bill said, “Most of us here in Canada might be less interested in the pipeline, unless you’re working in the field or an offshoot, unless you do “You live in Alberta. It has little or no impact on our lives.”

In the US, however, this pipeline is very controversial, stressed Paul, arguing that “Canada must also respect the US”. He stated, “It was okay with Canada for the US government to use Native American land against their opposition for this (keystone) pipeline … It was an environmental risk to our nation and another disregard for our Native Americans. Listening to Canada “They have increased our problems, as Trump did with you.”

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