Roots of Pacha is a new Stone Age life simulator from Kickstarter


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A new co-op farming simulation game emerged when players are transported back to the Stone Age with Roots of Pacha. This title comes from developer Soda Den and publisher Crytivo and just got full funding for Kickstart in less than 24 hours. This title includes a village building experience along with myriad heavy themes from Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Clan of the Cave Bear.

Funding for this game continues to grow and the first stretch goal has already been unlocked. Players can have additional wedding venues in the game, and the romance options have been expanded. Players have unlocked the opportunity to get married on a beach, in a cave or in a forest within this unique title.

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After roaming the wilderness, your village has decided to settle down and build a real home. Create a thriving community with plants, animals, technology, and more. This is a chance to build a stone age legacy with an engaged village full of opportunity and potential.

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This game involves collecting and discovering as players explore the land and face various challenges. Find animals, domesticate them, or teach the tribe the value of hunting. Fish in the shallow water, dig the caves and discover forces across the country that are helping to build a more successful and long-lived village.

Start in a primitive world and watch it develop as you slowly transform the world into a larger society. Preserve food, start metalworking, make pottery and persecute religion. This is a village on its own and only you can control its fate through life.

You will be part of a village and it is important to know each of the villagers. They all have their own dreams, fears, and friendships. It is important to form your own clan and invite other villagers to live with you. Perform festivals, rituals, and more as you develop a culture of your own design.

Your character is your character too if you can customize her, her home and her cosmetics. Create a fantastic farm, decorate your house and become a true part of the village experience. This is a title that is carefully designed and set in a unique world that benefits any gamer who likes to build a life.

The game also offers multiplayer options that allow players to explore and experience the world with their friends. Ride animals together, have fun, and enjoy multiplayer cutscenes as the entire game lives up to the experience.

This is a great game for both younger and older viewers to kick back, explore, and enjoy.

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Roots of Pacha is available on Kickstarter and will eventually be released to the PC audience on Steam.

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