RailTel Corp will be listed on Friday. Can a nureca do it in debut trading?


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RailTel Corp will be listed on Friday. On Friday, the Railtel Company will debut both in the market and after Nureca has now given the 59% bonus. There are high expectations for a good debut for the state-owned company. The dynamics of the gray market show that the stock will indeed see good listing advantages. However, this may not be enough for Nureca to repeat its first-time corporate success.

Markets monitoring gray market trends had no direct impact on the RailTel start. Although recent changes may have occurred in secondary market perception. Nureca’s strong collection. Nureca has been reported to have a limited initial public offer (IPO) of 100 rupees. In contrast, RailTel was a big problem with 819 rupees. The railway company has recorded a single-digit increase in sales and profits in recent years. At the same time, Nureca saw strong growth.

Nureca shares mainly trade around 15-20 rupees in the gray market;

Umesh Chandra Paliwal. That’s what the co-founder of UnlistedZone said. Nureca shares mainly trade around 15-20 rupees on the gray market. In particular, the company maintains rail and other power supplies. There are questions about competition for the company in the future. Given the impetus from the government to privatize itself. A single digital development is not sustainable and the power supplies are therefore heavily based. The company is debt free and a reliable dividend payer, he added.

Additionally, the stock has earned a gray market premium of R 18-19. Compared to 12-14 rupees a few days earlier Abhay Doshi, Unlisted Gujarat Stock Traders. Who also monitors the gray market.

A premium of Rs 94 per share over the pollution indicates this. The list is over 20%. Doshi, founder of UnlistedArena.com. That sentiment changed as the stock rallied over the past two days. The IPO, which was sold from February 16 to 18, provided for a 65.14-fold upper quota limit for eligible institutional buyers (QIBs). Individual Investor Borrowing and Retail (RII) maturity of 73.25 is 16.78 times the maximum amount for non-institutional investors.

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