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Tuft & Needle and Puffy are two well-known brands in the bed-in-a-box market. Both all-foam mattresses are affordable and comfortable, and both ship conveniently to your door. Because these mattresses are so similar, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you.

Luckily, I’ve written an in-depth Tuft & Needle vs. Puffy comparison to help you choose between these online mattress companies. I’ll compare the construction, feel, price, and policies of the original Tuft & Needle and Puffy mattresses and explain who each bed is best for. And a little later on, I’ll compare these mattresses to a few other models in the Tuft & Needle and Puffy lines.

Read on below to learn which of these mattresses you’d prefer, or if you’re short on time, skip to my review summary.

Tuft & Needle vs Puffy: Similarities and Differences

Before I get into the details, let’s take a quick look at these bed’s main similarities and differences. I’d also encourage you to check out my full Tuft & Needle mattress review and my full Puffy mattress review for more in-depth information.

Main Similarities

The Puffy mattress in the Sleepopolis studio.

  • The Tuft & Needle and the Puffy are both all-foam mattresses. They don’t include pocketed coil systems and rely on high-density polyurethane (poly) foam to act as a supportive base.
  • Both these mattresses are bed-in-a-box mattresses. This means they’ll ship directly to your home compressed in a box, and will need a few hours to decompress before you can sleep on them.
  • Back sleepers should really like both of these foam beds. Both mattresses provide gentle support at the hips, which will help these sleepers keep their spines neutrally aligned.
  • Heavier sleepers (over 250 lbs) likely won’t get enough edge support or durability from either of these mattresses. If you’re a heavier sleeper I’d recommend checking out our best mattress for heavy people roundup to find some options better-suited to your needs.

Main Differences

Tuft and Needle Mattress 2019The Tuft & Needle mattress in the Sleepopolis studio.

  • The Puffy feels softer than the Tuft & Needle mattress thanks to its memory foam construction.
  • The Tuft & Needle mattress is more responsive than the Puffy, while the Puffy offers more body-contouring and sinkage.
  • The Tuft & Needle sleeps cooler than the Puffy mattress.
  • The Tuft & Needle mattress is less expensive than the Puffy mattress.

Which is Better for You?

So what do those similarities and differences mean for you? It depends on how you sleep! Take a look at the list below to see which mattress I’d recommend for your needs.

  • If you sleep on your back both of these beds could work for you. Go for the Puffy if you prefer more body-contouring, and the Tuft & Needle if you like a firmer feel.
  • If you sleep on your side the softer Puffy is the way to go. But if you’re looking for a super-plush feel one of our best soft mattresses could be a better pick.
  • If you sleep with a partner the Puffy is a better option. You’ll feel less disturbed by a restless bedmate on the Puffy.
  • If you’re a combination sleeper the responsive Tuft & Needle mattress is the best choice for you.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper neither of these mattresses will offer firm enough support. I’d recommend checking out one of our best mattresses for stomach sleepers instead.
  • If you sleep hot the more cooling Tuft & Needle mattress is the better choice for you.

Puffy vs Tuft & Needle Feel Comparison

Next up, let’s discuss what each of these beds actually feels like. I’ll go into detail about the firmness, pressure relief, and bounce on each of these mattresses below.

Remember that a mattress will feel different to you depending on your body weight and preferred sleeping position. For reference, I’m 5’ 9”, about 125 lbs, and prefer to sleep on my side.

Tuft & Needle

I’ll start with the Tuft & Needle mattress. I was surprised by how firm this mattress was. I gave it a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is firm compared to the industry standard of 6.5 out of 10.

The firm support on the Tuft & Needle makes this mattress a great fit for back sleepers. It should offer them a nice amount of pressure relief and support. I also really like this mattress for sleepers suffering from sciatica; it should provide the support they need at the lower back to alleviate some of their pain.

Tuft and Needle LayThe Tuft & Needle is great for back sleepers.

The Tuft & Needle is bouncy and responsive for a firm mattress. I really like it for back and side combination sleepers who need mobility for changing positions at night. Unfortunately, its nice bounce means that the Tuft & Needle does not isolate motion as well as most all-foam mattresses. Couples concerned about being disturbed by a restless partner may want to check out the Puffy instead.

The Tuft & Needle is just a touch too firm for strict side sleepers. These folks will probably be happier on the Puffy, though that mattress might also be a little too firm for side sleepers who like a super plush feel.

The Tuft & Needle is too soft for stomach sleepers. These sleepers generally do best on firmer mattresses that include some coil support, so I don’t think they’ll be happy on the Puffy either.


Now let’s talk about the Puffy. The Puffy is a medium-firm mattress that falls right at the industry standard of 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Medium firm is the most popular mattress firmness option, so most folks should feel fairly comfortable on the Puffy.

The Puffy offers a little more body-contouring than the Tuft & Needle so I think it’s a much better fit for side sleepers. Its memory foam comfort layer should provide some pressure relief at their hips and shoulders, helping them avoid stiffness and pain in those areas. If you’re a side sleeper looking for a lot of deep sinkage to really protect your pressure points, the Puffy might be a bit too firm for you. I’d check out our best mattress for side sleepers roundup to find a softer option.

Side sleeping on the PuffyI like the Puffy for side sleepers.

Like the Tuft & Needle, the Puffy is a great fit for back sleepers. It provides a great balance of pressure relief and support, and should keep the hips and shoulders in line. This will help back sleepers folks avoid pain and stiffness.

Combination sleepers might prefer the Tuft & Needle, as the Puffy is a bit less responsive. If you’re a combo sleeper looking for a softer feel, you might like the Puffy. It offers more sinkage than the Tuft & Needle, but I could still move around without too much trouble.

Couples will likely prefer the Puffy over the Tuft & Needle. This mattress isolates motion a bit better thanks to its gel memory foam layer. You shouldn’t feel too disturbed by a restless partner on the Puffy mattress.

Like the Tuft & Needle, the Puffy mattress is a bit too soft for stomach sleepers. These folks might be happier on one of our best innerspring mattresses.

Comparing Puffy and Tuft & Needle Prices

No matter what your sleeping preferences are, price can play a big role in choosing a new mattress. Luckily, both the Puffy and the Tuft & Needle are great value buys. Take a look at our pricing chart below to compare costs. And be sure to use our Tuft & Needle and Puffy mattress coupons to get a good deal on either of these beds.

Prices listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

Size Puffy Tuft & Needle
Twin $795 $450
Twin XL $825 $495
Full $995 $595
Queen $1,150 $695
King $1,350 $850
Cali King $1,350 $850

Comparing Puffy and Tuft & Needle Mattress Materials

Now that we know how these beds feel, let’s learn a little bit about how they’re made. I’ll detail each bed’s construction below.

Tuft & Needle

Cover — The Tuft & Needle is covered in a breathable polyester fabric. This should help promote airflow throughout the mattress.

Comfort Layer — The Tuft & Needle’s comfort top layer is made of three inches of their proprietary Adaptive® Foam. This foam has a quick response to pressure, which makes the Tuft & Needle a nice choice for combination sleepers who need mobility on their mattress. This layer is also infused with cooling gel and graphite, so the Tuft & Needle sleeps fairly cool.

Base Layer — The base layer is made of seven inches of high-density poly foam. Tuft & Needle uses an open-cell support foam, which is more breathable than traditional foam and will help keep you cool at night.

Tuft and Needle MaterialsA look at the materials used in the Tuft & Needle mattress.


Cover — The Puffy is covered with a standard polyester blend. Like the Tuft & Needle’s cover, the Puffy’s cover adds some additional breathability to this mattress. The Puffy’s cover is also stain-resistant, which is a nice perk for sleepers with kids.

Comfort Layer — The Puffy’s comfort layer is made of two inches of their Cooling Cloud Foam. This is a gel memory foam that offers soft sinkage and pressure relief. The gel microbeads throughout this foam should help you sleep cooler on this mattress than you would on a traditional memory foam mattress.

Transition Layer — The Puffy’s transition layer is a two-inch layer of Climate Comfort Foam. This is a high-quality poly foam that lends the Puffy some responsiveness and bounce.

Base Layer — The Puffy’s base layer is six inches of HD poly foam. This dense foam is a common base layer in bed-in-a-box mattresses, and provides firm support to the rest of the bed.

Puffy 2019 ConstructionA look inside the Puffy.

Tuft & Needle vs Puffy: Best Qualities

So which mattress should you buy? I can’t decide for you, but I can offer a few final thoughts to help you decide.

Tuft & Needle Best Features

  • Back Sleepers and sciatica sufferers should really like this mattress! It’s very supportive, and will help them keep their spines neutrally aligned.
  • The Tuft & Needle is a great value buy, and even earned a spot on our Best Mattress Under $1,000 list.
  • The Tuft & Needle sleeps cool, so hot sleepers should find a lot to love on this bed.
  • Again, I’d encourage you to read our full Tuft & Needle mattress review to learn more about this bed!

Puffy Best Features

  • Back sleepers are really going to like this bed. It’s nice and supportive, especially at the lower back.
  • Memory foam lovers who sleep hot will find a lot to like about the Puffy, which sleeps much cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses.
  • Side sleepers, and especially side and back combo sleepers, should appreciate that the Puffy can help alleviate pressure aches and pains around the shoulders and hips.
  • Interested? Take a look at the full Puffy mattress review for a more in-depth look at this bed.

Company Policies

Tuft & Needle Policies

  • Trial Period — 100 Nights
  • Shipping — Free
  • Mattress Warranty — 10 Years

Puffy Policies

  • Trial Period — 101 Nights
  • Shipping — Free
  • Mattress Warranty — Lifetime

Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

Below, I’ll rate each mattress company’s customer service team based on my personal experiences with them. Possible ratings include Poor, Satisfactory, Great, and Stellar.

Tuft & Needle Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

Satisfactory: I gaveTuft & Needle a Satisfactory score. I received a very thoughtful response to my question, but I had to talk to a chatbot before speaking to a rep. I also noticed that you aren’t able to navigate the Tuft & Needle website while using their chat function. Most mattress companies allow you to navigate the website while chatting, which I think can be especially helpful if you’re running into trouble during checkout.

Puffy Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

Satisfactory: I gave Puffy a Satisfactory score. I was paired with a rep fairly quickly, but he took a long time responding to my questions about the mattress warranty. I got the feeling that he didn’t know much about the warranty, and was either asking someone else or reading the website’s warranty page before getting back to me. But I did get a helpful answer in the end!

Comparing Other Models from Puffy and Tuft & Needle

Puffy and Tuft & Needle both offer additional models. Let’s take a quick look at how they compare to the brands’ original mattresses below.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

Tuft and Needle MintThe Tuft & Needle Mint.

  • The Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress is another all-foam mattress.
  • This model is much softer than the original Tuft & Needle, so side sleepers should be happier on this bed.
  • The Mint is more expensive than the original Tuft & Needle Model, but is still quite affordable.
  • Check out our full Tuft and Needle Mint mattress review to learn more.

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress

T&N Hybrid MattressThe Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress.

  • The Tuft & Needle Hybrid includes a coil support layer, so it’s bouncier and more supportive than both of the other Tuft & Needle beds.
  • Back and Combo sleepers might want to check out the Hybrid.
  • Couples might also appreciate the strong edge support this mattress offers.
  • You can learn more in our Tuft and Needle hybrid mattress review.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy LuxThe Puffy Lux mattress.

  • The Puffy Lux is an all-foam mattress option with a memory foam feel.
  • The Puffy Lux is softer than the original Puffy, and includes an extra layer that adds additional body-contouring and motion isolation.
  • Side sleepers and couples willing to pay a little extra for the Puffy Lux might prefer this mattress.
  • Learn more in the full Puffy Lux mattress review.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

The Puffy Lux HybridThe Puffy Lux Hybrid.

  • This mattress is similar to the Puffy Lux, but includes a coil support layer.
  • It’s a nice option for folks who want a soft bed, but don’t want to feel swallowed up by their mattress.
  • I’d also recommend the Puffy Lux Hybrid to sleepers struggling with shoulder pain. It should provide pressure-relieving support to these folks.
  • Check out our full Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress review if you’d like to learn more.

Puffy Royal mattress

Puffy Royal Mattress CoverThe Puffy Royal mattress.

  • The Puffy Royal is the most high-end mattress in the Puffy line.
  • It includes more memory foam layers than any of the other Puffy beds, so it has a more luxurious, body-contouring feel.
  • Memory foam lovers will likely be very happy on the Puffy Royal.
  • You can read our full Puffy Royal mattress review to learn more about this bed.

Other Common Puffy and Tuft & Needle Comparisons

Still not sure whether to replace your old mattress with a Puffy or a Tuft & Needle? Take a look at a few other common comparisons for even more info.

Tuft & Needle vs

Puffy vs

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